Let me just start by saying that this year’s VMA’s were definitely better than last year’s, very disjointed but better. I love Chelsea Handler but she wasn’t a good host.  They should have just gone ahead and made Kevin Hart the host.  I mean BET and MTV are under the same company so they should just make him the host of both the BET and MTV awards.

The pre-show was just a hot mess of no names (Who the hell is Tyler The Creator) and ridiculousness (Amber Rose, Nicki Minaj) we’re not even going to dwell on.  I will say that Beyonce announced her pregnancy at the pre-show and MTV didn’t even show it.  They were too busy with Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber talking about his pet Johnson (Ughh).

The show begins with Lady Gaga in drag as her alter ego Joe Calderone.  I love this woman.  She’s insane and I love it (I find I tend to like crazy people). Her voice was great.  She was on key (more than I can say about Jessie J(who?) who led the house band) but this wasn’t as memorable as some of her other ones plus this is not one of my faves off the album.  Now if she had thrown “Government Hooker” into that mix then it would have been on because that is my jam.

Lady Gaga – You & I

Some awards were given (Does anyone really care about the awards that are given at these things?)

Jay-Z and Kanye perform and it was good not great but I mean they are rappers, they don’t really have to do much.  They looked like they were having a good time though and really vibing off each other.  “Otis” is my song mostly because “Try A Little Tenderness” is one of my fave songs and makes me think of Ducky(John Cryer; Two and a Half Men, CBS) from Pretty in Pink (one of my fave 80’s movies) singing to Andie (Molly Ringwald; Sixteen Candles & Secret Life, ABC Family).

Jay Z & Kanye West – Otis

More awards.  Katy Perry wins best collabo for her ET remix and Kanye and her drunk behind walks up on stage and tells Kanye to interrupt her and that he finally won his first MTV award with her and Kanye is looking at her crazy. I want to think at that moment his internal monologue was “Heffa please, I’ve won plenty of moon men and you only won because of me”

Neyo and Pitbull performed “Give Me Everything” and it was whatever.  The only thing that was really interesting to me was that I wondered if he’d say the line with Lindsey Lohan’s name in it since she’s suing him for defamation over it. He sang the line.

Ooooooo then my girl ADELE came and shut everyone up.  A piano, mike and her voice were all she needed to leave people in tears.   She sang “Someone Like You” which I like but I love 3 other songs more than that one.  Still she was wonderful.  I love her and I’m really sad I won’t be getting to see her when she comes to Houston in October.

Adele – Someone Like You

Chris Brown came and danced after Adele.  The contrast of those 2 performers was crazy.  Adele had nothing and Chris Brown came out and hopped, skipped and flew all over the place and got a standing O for it.  I’ll admit I’m not much of Chris Brown fan and he danced well but there was no kind of singing in that performance.

Chris Brown – Yeah(3X)/Protect Ya Neck/Teen Spirit/Beautiful People

Then Jessie J butchered “No Scrubs”. 

The Britney tribute was anything but a tribute.  Poor thing she was mainly used as someone to come intro Beyoncé.  I mean I’m not much of a Brit fan(even though I know all the songs and can still remember half the dance moves) but even she deserved more.  MTV don’t call it a tribute and a have a 30 sec dance medley. Britney Tribute

Britney introduced Beyoncé and the woman came and worked.  Not her best performance but still great.  Her vocals were so on point as they almost always are and I really like the retro feel of the performance as well as the cut to Jay-Z at the end grinning from ear to ear (Lord let this baby have her looks). Plus she did “Love On Top” which is one of my favs songs on this new album.  I’m a little sad that she won’t be touring for this album because of the baby but for a lot of people who have been wanting her to sit down somewhere this will be the perfect opportunity.

Beyonce – Love On Top

Young The Giant performed next.  I’d never heard of them but they had a good performance and I liked the song.  I’m a new fan, probably not but I’ll know who they are next time I see them on something else.

The Amy Winehouse tribute was nice.  Russell Brand kind of rambled a lot and then Tony Bennett came on and a nice little video montage of her.  Bruno Mars came on and did a really good performance of “Valerie.” Such a good song.  So much talent wasted. Good tribute.

Bruno Mars – Amy Winehouse Tribute

Katy Perry wins video of the year and comes onto the stage dressed like this


MTV then decides to end the show with Lil Wayne. What an auto-tuned hot mess of a performance where every other word had to be beeped. The person who was pressing the button was good.  They caught all the curse words.  Good jobs having the lyrics on hand (BET take notes. You can learn a thing or two from your sister station about learning the flipping lyrics and getting people with fast reflexes).

Lil Wayne – How To Love/John

Until next VMAs.

One thought on “MTV VMA”

  1. Haaaa! I died when you talked about how jessie j RUINED “No Scrubs”. I actually like her voice, but on that song, she sounded like a Danity Kane reject.

    And yes, BET needs to take notes.

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