Some TV News that you may have missed the last couple of weeks due to the holidays.


  • A&E FINALLY DECIDED TO CANCEL THEIR KKK DOCUSERIES, ESCAPING THE KKK, BUT NOT FOR THE REASONS IT SHOULD HAVE. The network cited ethical concerns because they found the producers paid people who participated in the series  – INDIEWIRE
  • THE CRUEL INTENTIONS REBOOT IS OFFICIALLY DEAD. The pilot was ordered by NBC and left in contention for potential pickup in May. Sony – the studio behind the series – continued to shop the series around.  I was able to watch the pilot in May and was not good but definitely enjoyable – VULTURE
  • THE BROTHER OF THE SLAIN JONBENET RAMSEY SUES CBS AND THE PRODUCTION COMPANY CRITICAL CONTENT OVER DOCUSERIES THE CASE OF: JONBENET RAMSEY FOR $750M. The true crime docuseries reunited the original investigators of the unsolved murder to reexamine the case. Upon further rehashing the case, they hypothesized that Burke Ramsey accidentally killed his sister – PEOPLE

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‘Libby & Malcolm’ Pilot Greenlit at ABC With Felicity Huffman & Courtney B. Vance | Variety

ABC has given a formal pilot order to “Libby & Malcolm,” the comedy starring Felicity Huffman and Courtney B. Vance from creators Kenya Baris and Vijal Patel.

Source: ‘Libby & Malcolm’ Pilot Greenlit at ABC With Felicity Huffman & Courtney B. Vance | Variety

Episode 6: Lethal Weapon, Atlanta, & Pitch With Jeffrey Taylor Jr.

In this episode, Jeffrey and I chat about our love for television and delve into FX’s Atlanta, FOX’s Pitch and Lethal Weapon. We also get into some Girl Meets World and wonder when Maya and Zane will get together. We end with “What are you currently watching and looking forward to”.

Music featured this episode: Rae Sremmurd – Look Alive
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