Scoop: Scandal Season 3 Episode Order Trimmed in Wake of Kerry Washington’s Pregnancy News

This is a great thing. This will give the writers time to tighten up the story and not have to do so much filler. This will also give Kerry plenty of time off from when she has her baby till the start of season 4 production. I think 18 episodes per season should be a permanent fix. Then they can start the season a little later like in October end it in December with the first 9 episodes having  aired then come back in February to finish up the final 9 with the season ending in late April.


Kerry Washington Pregnancy ScandalOlivia Pope’s overworked Gladiators can finally make use of their saved-up vacation days: ABC has trimmed Scandal‘s Season 3 episode order from 22 to 18, TVLine has learned.

The network gave no official explanation for the cutback, but it’s safe to say the decision was made in response to the real-life pregnancy of leading lady Kerry Washington. The actress’ spring due date would’ve made shooting those final four episodes next to impossible (and, according to sources, writing Olivia out of the show for an extended period of time was not an option.)

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As it is, shooting around Washington’s growing baby bump will prove challenging enough for the series — which, as TVLine previously reported, has chosen not to incorporate the pregnancy into Olivia’s storyline.

Scandal will have aired 10 episodes as of…

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