Will Ferrell Announces Anchorman Sequel

Are you guys ready for Anchorman 2? Will Ferrell went on Conan O’Brien’s late night show, CONAN,  dressed as his character, Ron Burgundy from the hilarious movie and announced that there is a sequel coming. Check out the announcement below. The movie is set for release in late 2013.

Wrath of the Titans

Thoughts after watching Wrath of The Titans:

1. I really love Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes or I most definitely would not be watching this.
2. Man I want a flying horse. Pegasus would be wonderful transportation.
3. Oh gosh why are kids so ridiculous? They are always in the way.
4. What the hell is with Sam Worthington’s hair? He had the same hair in his last movie, Man on A Ledge and it wasn’t a good idea then either.
5. It actually wasn’t a terrible movie. It was better than the first one, Clash of the Titans. But I thought Clash was awful so there was only room for improvement.

Wrath of the Titans is in theaters this Friday.

New Show: Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23

ABC has another new show this April called Don’t Trust The B* In Apt 23. The show is about a girl named June (Dreama Walker; Gossip Girl, The Good Wife) who moves to New York and ends up living with Chloe (Krysten Ritter; Veronica Mars, Breaking Bad, Confessions of A Shopaholic), a roommate who turns out to be sneaky and yep an untrustworthy b*. The show also stars James Van Der Beek (Dawson’s Creek, Varsity Blues, Mercy) playing an exaggerated version of himself and the best friend of Chloe.

The show premieres Wednesday, April 11 on ABC in the post Modern Family spot where Happy Endings currently resides. They has put up the first episode early on Hulu. You can check it out below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I watched the episode and it’s not bad but I think there is much to be desired. I’ll give it my requisite 3 episodes to try to win me over but if this is the reason that my Happy Endings is ending its season early then ABC needs to come harder with something that makes its absence actually worth it.

Hunger Games

I’m sure people are getting tired of all the hype that has been around The Hunger Games for over a year now. Well the hype is warranted. I read Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy last year when a two of my co-workers (Hey Lauren and Steph) couldn’t believe I hadn’t read them. I borrowed the books and I loved them. They were just so much fun to read and quite the page turners. So when I heard the movie was getting made, I was very much invested in who they would cast as the characters from this book and was very much obsessed with every casting announcement they made.

After all the hype and crazy promo for this movie, it came out this weekend and I actually went and spent my 12 hard-earned dollars on it. Everyone else seemed to go spend their money on it as well since it pulled in $155 million this weekend. I thought it was a good movie. I was almost completely satisfied with it. Anyone who sees a screen version of a book they have read will never be completely satisfied with the finished product. So with that I went in just trying to watch this movie like I would any other one.

The movie was good. Jennifer Lawrence (X-Men: First Class; Winter’s Bone) ughh I just love her. I think she was the perfect Katniss. I can’t even think of what other actress could have portrayed her. I also liked Josh Hutcherson (Bridge to Terabithia; The Kids Are Alright) as Peeta. He was just what I had imagined. Peeta in books was taller though but that is a small detail that I can get past. Lenny Kravitz as Cinna, I thought was good but my love for Lenny could have clouded any kind of unbiased look at his acting that I had. He was just so beautiful. I just gosh. That man hasn’t aged a day in 20 yrs. The whole cast was pretty good overall.

I liked the look of the movie as well. I think the styling overall and everyone’s look was pretty good except for the fire dress. Huge letdown.  Gosh Katniss looked so ridiculous twirling in that thing. Other than that I was good with it. I can’t wait until the next movie, Catching Fire. In the words of Penny Hartz from Happy Endings, It’s gonna be AH-MAH-ZING!!!! While I wait until the second movie, I shall just reread the trilogy again.

Were you one of the many that watched this weekend? What did you think?


Smash is an NBC show that premiered last month about the drama that happens on and off the stage during the making of a Broadway musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe. The show has a cast of some familiar faces as well as some newcomers. American Idol’s Katherine McPhee and Megan Hilty star as Karen and Ivy, the two ladies who battle it out to play Marilyn. Debra Messing and Anjelica Huston also star in the  show.

Seven episodes in and I really like it. I loved the pilot. It showed a lot of potential.  I think it has gotten a little soap opera-y but I like soap operas so I have no problems with that. I have read somethings where they call it the grownup version of Glee but I have to disagree. Glee especially now is just so haphazard and makes no sense. They also just sing for singing sake, it has nothing to do with developing the plot or the characters whereas on Smash there is a purpose for every song.

Lets talk about the singing. It’s pretty great. Katherine McPhee to me was ok on Idol but her voice has gotten better over the years and Megan Hilty, who I had no clue about before this show, is clearly from Broadway. She plays her role so well and her singing is great too (There was one song on a recent episode that didn’t sound that great but it was still better than half the singing on Glee).

The ratings have been so-so for other channels but for NBC, it has definitely boosted its Monday night viewership. Thank goodness because they just renewed the show for a 2nd season. YAY!!! If you haven’t checked it out you should.


GCB (Good Christian B****es) is a new spring show that premiered last Sunday on ABC. It stars Kristin Chenoweth, Leslie Bibb and Annie Potts. It’s set in a suburb of Dallas,TX. If you know Dallas, then it probably reminds you of the very gated community of Highland Park where President Bush lives. Two episodes in and I like it. It’s pretty funny (mainly because of Chenoweth) but it’s just ok. The cast makes me want to watch more. I liked Chenoweth since I watched on the highly underrated ABC show, Pushing Daisies. She knows how to bring the comedy. And Leslie Bibb who is the main star of the show isn’t the greatest actress but I watch her in everything she’s been in simply because I loved her on the old WB show, Popular (Another Ryan Murphy show. I was really sad when this got cancelled). Annie Potts is also one of the reasons I watch. She is in some of my favorite things from the 80’s (Pretty In Pink, Ghostbusters I and II, & Designing Women). The other thing that makes me like this show is how they make fun of hypocritical Christians. I think the show can only get better. If they take the good things from the show and keep it going then I don’t see why this show wouldn’t be on for at least 2 seasons. The ratings haven’t been that great though so don’t get too attached people.



Quick Reviews

I have seen a lot of movies recently and here are just a couple of quick reviews.

John Carter – One of the worst things Disney ever made. Seriously? They spent $250 million making this crap and then additional money trying to market it. It’s reported that they are going to lose $200 million on this. What a waste. The movie stars Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights series, X-Men Origins:Wolverine) as a man who gets transported to Mars and helps fight for one side in a war to save the people. Of course there is a love interest who is supposed to marry someone else to save her people but falls for John Carter. It’s just utterly ridiculous. The only good thing I could say about the movie is the special effects weren’t bad. That’s about it. John Carter is in theaters now.


Friends With Kids – I have to admit I didn’t love this movie. I really really wanted to. The cast has some great people in it; Kristen Wiig (Saturday Night Live; Bridesmaids), John Hamm (Mad Men, Bridesmaids), Adam Scott (Parks And Recreation, Party Down) and Maya Rudolph (Up All Night, Saturday Night Live, Bridesmaids). The movie is about 2 best friends who become the only single and childless people in their group of friends. After seeing what having kids does to their friends marriages they come to the grand decision that they should have a child together and avoid that whole marriage thing with each and date other people. You already know how this one ends. It started out going well and then just became such a cliche. The thing is this movie might actually be good but I just had such high expectations and for me it fell short. I think Jennifer Westfeldt (Kissing Jessica Stein) is talented (She wrote, produced, directed and starred in the movie) but I believe another actress should have played her part. I don’t know who but someone different. It was your basic romantic comedy that tried to be grown up by having a lot of sex jokes. Anyway check it out in theaters now.


Jeff Who Lives At Home – This was the most random movie. When I saw it I didn’t know where it would go but where it did go was random and a little unexpected but all in a good way. This movie stars Jason Segel (The Muppets, How I Met Your Mother, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) as a 30 year old who is just wandering aimlessly through life looking for signs as to what his destiny in life is. It also stars Ed Helms (Hangover, The Office, Cedar Rapids) as his brother and Susan Sarandon (Enchanted, Step Mom, Solitary Man) as his mother. When Jeff is sent on an errand by his mother, he goes on a random adventure which brings him to cross paths with his family in random locations and circumstances. Through the journey, Jeff might find his path after all. It was pretty good in an unexpected kind of way. Jeff Who Lives At Home is playing in limited release.


Seeking Justice – Another Nicolas Cage movie. Sigh. The movie is about a man whose wife is attacked and he is approached by a vigilante group that takes care of the attacker in exchange for a “favor.” January Jones (Mad Men, X-Men:First Class), Guy Pearce (Memento, The King’s Speech), and Harold Perrineau (Lost, The Best Man, Romeo and Juliet) also star in the movie.  I went into this with really low expectations. I really expected crap. But I was wrong. It ended up being a not so horrid movie. Believe me its not great and January Jones is just as terrible as ever and Nicolas Cage is clearly phoning it in but it wasn’t awful. I would give it a C. Seeking Justice is playing now in limited release.
Casa de mi Padre – Stars Will Ferrell (Old School, Talladega Nights), Gael Garcia Bernal (Letters to Juliet, Amores Perros, Motorcycle Diaries), and Diego Luna (Y Tu Mama Tambien, Milk).  This movie is about a family that ends up in a war with a big drug dealer. It is done in the style of a wayyy over the top telenovela. I didn’t like this movie much. It was absolutely ridiculous. It might have been because according to my friend, a lot was lost in translation. There were many things that were said in Spanish (which the entire movie is in) that are hilarious in that language but when translated and put into English subtitles is not at all. I thought it was going to be hilarious; stupid but hilarious. That’s what Will Ferrell does. I would say Redbox and Netflix when it comes out on DVD. Don’t waste your time. But if you do, it’s playing in limited release now.


Gone stars Amanda Seyfried in this suspense thriller about a young woman who is said to be a little unhinged after she supposedly taken from her house by a strange man and then somehow escaped. The police don’t believe her at all and think she’s crazy so much so they once put her in a mental institution.

One night her sister mysteriously disappears and she believes that the man who took her has taken her sister. It then becomes a big thing where this woman is trying to find a kidnapper and her sister and the police are looking for her because they believe her to be unstable. Basically it’s a hot mess of a movie that pissed me off because I hate when people just act stupid and when a plot makes no sense. I won’t give away anything in case someone wants to go see this movie but things just made no sense. Like how did the killer know she would take the steps she did to try to get to him? It’s just so convoluted and ridiculous. When the movie I was pretty sure I pegged from the beginning came to an end, it was the most unsatisfying thing ever.

If it had happened the way I thought it would end, I wouldn’t have been upset. It would have been predictable but at least it would have made some kind of sense. This ending that we got was just very nonsensical. Anyway clearly no one really wanted to see this movie because it came out last week and I think it’s gone (get it lol) already.

Gone is in theaters now. Check out the trailer below.

Why I’m Officially Done With The Game

So after watching this week’s episode of The Game, I’m officially fine with it. I can take a lot from shows. When they get ridiculous, I can usually stay with them a lot longer than most people can just because I’m keeping hope alive that the writers will turn it all around. That is not the case with this show. I want to say not only has it gotten really ridiculous, there is no turning back from it.

The BET show use to be a promising show on the CW. Born as a spinoff from the highly successful series, Girlfriends, it was started off great. We had a lot new faces (Coby Bell, Hosea Chanchez,Pooch Hall) and some old ones (Britney Daniel; Sweet Valley HighWhite Chicks, Wendy Raquel Robinson; The Steve Harvey Show, and Tia Mowry Hardict; Sister Sister).

The show wasn’t the greatest show but I thought it was pretty good. Then it got cancelled by the CW and I was sad to see it go but whatever. Then BET picked it up and it was definitely done. BET is so cheap. They fired most of the writers of the show and changed the production of it. All of that made for crappy storylines and even crappier acting. One of the original cast members left because they packed shooting of 13 episodes into a couple of months and they would shoot out of order to save money. How is an actor supposed to do their best work when in one scene your character is supposed to be in one place and then switch frame of mind to take an scene from the end of the season when their character is supposed to be in a different place.

After watching this week’s past episode “Keep Your Friends Close and Your Prostitute Closer,” I officially deleted the show off my series records on my DVR. Really Tasha (Wendy Raquel Robinson) so desperate for man that she keeps a prostitute on retainer; Melanie (Tia Mowry Hardict) so desperate to hold on to Derwin (Pooch Hall)she has no friends and nothing else going in her life; Malik (Hosea Chanchez)is kind of just there and the one person who actually isn’t that bad of character on the show, Jason (Coby Bell) has been MIA for like 3 episodes.

Whatever. I gave BET a chance. I should have known better. They have terrible shows and now the only thing I will watch on that channel will be the train wreck they call the BET Awards.