Dear White People

Dear White People is a satire set in the fictitious ivy, Winchester University with a majority white student body. The main characters of the film are Sam White (Tessa Thompson) – a militant black student with a radio show on campus titled “Dear White People,” Lionel Higgins (Tyler James Williams) – a black, gay student who doesn’t seem to fit in with the gays or the blacks, Troy Fletcher (Brandon P. Bell) – the big man on campus that is seen more as a token and an uncle tom to some black students and Colandrea Conners aka Coco (Teyonah Parris) – the beautiful, darker skinned beauty who tries so hard to get away from her “ghetto” roots and blend in with the other white students. The movie centers on what leads up to the highly inappropriate hip hop, ghetto fabulous themed Halloween party that wants attendees to “unleash your inner negro.” Continue reading Dear White People