YESSSSSSSSSS!!!! So this off and on makes me so mad with Revenge. That is one of the reasons their ratings keep getting lower and lower each week but it is back on tonight on ABC at 10/9c. Watch the show. Tonight is the aftermath of the Fire & Ice party.  Below is a promo for tonight’s episode.

Here is also a clip of Emily VanCamp on The Ellen Show yesterday talking about the show. She’s cute. Love the yellow blazer on her.

New Dancing With The Stars Cast Revealed

Another season of Dancing With The Stars is about to start and this morning the “stars” in the new cast were revealed on Good Morning America.

The 12 “stars” that will be two stepping over each other to try to win the mirror ball trophy will be

Gladys Knight
Melissa Gilbert (Little House On The Prairie)
Jack Wagner (The Bold & The Beautiful)

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Academy Awards 2012

I was going to write some big post on all the best and worst moments from last night’s Oscars but I was clearly bored since I fell asleep sitting up almost 2 hours into the show. So thought I would just post all my Twitter comments as I watched.

Bernice ‏ @Bfonge Getting the awards no one cares about out of the way first I guess.#Oscars

7:45 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web · (In reference to all the cinematography awards handed out at the beginning)

Issa Rae ‏ @issarae I’ve only seen “Dragon Tattoo” and “Tree of Life” — Why the fuck am I watching the Oscars? Because I don’t want “The Help” to win.
Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @issarae Viola is so wonderful though regardless of the movie.
 7:47 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
Finesse Mitchell ‏ @Finessemitchell I saw “Glory” last night. Denzel should have won for that, and Malcolm X, The Hurricane and Remember The Titans. #TheOscars be TRIPPIN
Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @Finessemitchell I thought Denzel did win a supporting award for Glory
7:58 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
Very Smart Brothas ‏ @VerySmartBros Has Morgan Freeman ever not been old?
Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @VerySmartBros I was gonna say he wasn’t old in Glory but he was old in that too
8:03 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
Amber Dowling ‏ @amber_dowling #TheHelp was such a good book, but this #Oscars buzz for the just-OK movie seems a little over the top.
Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @amber_dowling I really think it’s more because of the actors in the movie than for the movie itself.
8:15 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
Riffykins ‏ @rizzle_sticks I love genuine freak-outs during acceptance speeches. #oscars #gooctavioa
Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @rizzle_sticks I KNOW!!!! I love them so much. Kate Winslet 2 years ago was a good one
8:16 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
Movieline ‏ @Movieline Okay, folks. Tell us what you think of the Oscars show so
 Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @Movieline boring except for Octavia winning and the focus group bit.
8:24 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
BackstageOL ‏ @BackstageOL Time to catch up with the Oscars— (had to drive from the radio station)…makeup goes to The Iron Lady..
Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @BackstageOL You aren’t missing much
8:25 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web ·
Riffykins ‏ @rizzle_sticks @MarcoofRoke NOOOOOOOO my first reaction was to scream “Shave it off!!!” at the TV!!! #agreetodisagree  (In reference to Bradley Cooper’s mustache)
Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @rizzle_sticks @MarcoofRoke Hahaha me too. I wonder if his girl Zoe Saldana likes it.
8:26 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web ·
Kristenise Belloyd ‏ @PurelyKris Am I the only one watching the All-Star Game?
Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @PurelyKris No but everyone is bored with that and the Oscars so they are watching Walking Dead or Celebrity Apprentice lol
8:31 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
Marco Antonio ‏ @MarcoofRoke  F**k maybe I should have seen #Hugo ?
Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @MarcoofRoke No its boring as hell
8:32 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
Grady Smith ‏ @EWGradySmith The public doesn’t love Hugo as much as the #Oscars – it’s earned $69.4M in 96 days. For reference ‘Journey 2’ has earned $76.5M in 17 days.
 Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @EWGradySmith I have to admit I was bored out of my mind seeing Hugo and I love Scorsese.
8:35 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web

@Bfonge ME TOO.

Riffykins ‏ @rizzle_sticks Harry Potter franchise has one shot left at winning an Academy Award: Visual Effects #oscars #acciooscar
Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @rizzle_sticks Sadly it’s not going to happen. That franchise has been truly robbed of some awards.
8:36 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
Riffykins ‏ @rizzle_sticks Ooooooh Gwenyth, without the cape we are IN BUSINESS #oscars
8:43 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
Riffykins ‏ @rizzle_sticks GO RANGO GO!@rizzle_sticks That was the only movie worth winning. Kung Fu Panda 2 come on

8:48 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
Bernice ‏ @Bfonge God I love Emma Stone

8:54 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
Enchantee ‏ @Enchantee Harry Potter 7 pt.2 BETTER win something!!!
Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @Enchantee Nope that’s the last award it was nominated for I believe. So sad
8:57 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
vanhall ‏ @vanhall Everytime I see Owen Wilson I think about how he tried to kill himself! And how could a funny person be so sad
Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @vanhall I think they say most funny people are pretty depressed
9:14 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
And that was my last tweet before I fell asleep. So I did pretty well. I made it 2hrs and 14 mins into the show. I think being on Twitter during award shows makes it so much better.

Best And Worst Fashion of The Academy Awards

There were some great looks on the carpet and some just meh looks. Not many outright bad dresses this year. It made it a little difficult to come up with a worst or best dressed.


Glenn Close (Albert Nobbs)

Glenn Close looked great yesterday. I think this is the best she has looked in a while. It’s just very age appropriate and fits her body very well. Her makeup and jewelry are great as well.

Octavia Spencer (The Help)

She looks great. This dress looks kind of  like her Globes dress but in a different color. She looks fabulous though. She knows what works for her and her body and she sticks to it. Fantastic. Continue reading Best And Worst Fashion of The Academy Awards

84th Annual Academy Awards air this Sunday @8:30/7:30c on ABC. I’m a little lazy so read this great post on themovieblog8 about the nominees and their predictions on who will win. 

Remote Access

Today, I finally break down and break down the Oscars. (That wasn’t that clever, but neither was the idea of inventing February. (Black History Month, you deserve better.) And neither was this racist headline ESPN wrote that I’ve been wanting to talk about for so long (but won’t get the chance to). Sorry if I’m not being coherent.) In this post, I’ll tell you not only who will win gold on Sunday night, but who should win, in my humble ole opinion. There will be a post-Oscar post (I’m full of the good stuff today) just like this one, but with winners instead of predictions. Ready? Okay, let’s do it. Oh, wait. One more thing: asterisks denote films I haven’t actually seen. 

Best Adapted Screenplay

This is a person one for me. (It’s also a personal one, but I let the typo be because it still works.) Why? Because Community‘s…

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YAY!!! I Made It To 100

So this is my 100th (actually 102nd) post. I can’t believe I have consistently done this 6 months now. Crazy. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for reading this little silly blog of mine. When I started writing this last August, I didn’t know what the heck I was doing and I still don’t really know what I’m doing but I like doing it and I’m happy for everyone that pushed me to do this.  I love movies and television and watch a lot of it and I just like sharing with others. Whether you read a line, or every single thing I have written, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. And please continue to comment. Also if there is anything that you want me to write about let me know. Leave your thoughts in the comment section. I love comments. Thanks.


Saturday Night Live: Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Baby

If you don’t know from my numerous Beyonce posts, I’m a little bit of a Bey stan. So when Maya Rudolph did a skit where she played Beyonce I was all over that. It’s pretty funny and an added bonus Justin Timberlake does a guest appearance as Bon Iver.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Sunday’s Reality Round Up

Don’t judge me but most of my Sunday night was spent watching the premiere of some of my guilty pleasure reality shows (I didn’t have to work today woo hoooo yay for government holidays) as well as trying to clean up my dvr. But we’re talking reality shows here and Celebrity Apprentice, Khloe and Lamar, The Amazing Race, and The Real Housewives of Atlanta were on deck for my Sunday night watching pleasure.

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Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

My thoughts after watching Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

1. Glad I didn’t pay for that and you shouldn’t either.

2. Why did they make a sequel to this movie? The first one was pretty bad already.

3. Man when is Nicolas Cage going to be done paying off those back taxes because clearly this like his last 3 or 4 movies were just for the paycheck.

4. Gosh Idris Elba is so fine. I really wish he wouldn’t take such crappy movie roles because he’s way better than this. Watch The Wire or Luther if you don’t know about Idris.

5. Who wrote the script on this? WTH this was such bad dialogue, which I expected for this movie but it was worse than I even imagined.

6. I still love Nicolas Cage. Hopefully a really good role is coming his way to make up for the crap he has released in the last 4 years.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is in theaters now.

New Trailer: Dark Tide

Dark Tide stars Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez (Unfaithful) as professional divers. Berry’s character almost had a fatal encounter with a great white shark and returns to the water nine years later. However, when they get back into the water, they find her nightmare still lurks in the deep, hungrier than ever. This movie sounds atrocious and the trailer looks even worse. I had read that they were filming this there were absolutely no details on what the movie was about. The only thing that I read about it was that Berry and Martinez fell in love on set blah blah blah. I can now see why. The poster even looks bad and I love how they put from the director of Blue Crush and Into the Blue like that makes me want to go see this more. While Blue Crush, that stared a fresh Kate Bosworth, was not a bad movie, Into The Blue with Jessica  Alba and Paul Walker was sooo bad and pretty much had the same hot girl in bikini goes diving in the big bad water as Dark Tide. It’s sad to kind of see what Berry’s career has come to. I mean what has she done lately? Nothing, which I guess is fitting since she’s not that great of an actress. Dark Tide hits theaters March 30th.