Awkward Black Girl Episode 11

It’s that time of the month again. The new episode of Awkward Black Girl has arrived. They redeemed themselves last month with episode 10.2 after what was the dreadful Halloween episode 10.1. See if the upswing continues on this new episode.

This episode is hilarious and defInitely puts them back to the great quality of episodes they had been making.  Cece is so ridiculous. “Jelly doughnuts are my jam.” I love that we finally see what happened between J and A. Sooooo funny what beer goggles will do to a person. And hmmm can I say A is kind of cute. White J explained what happened with that tramp from the last episode and I guess I understand but he still has some making up to do. FINALLY Fred tells J how he feels. It’s about time. Lots of stuff happened with this episode. I’m glad we made some headway going into the finale. Who will J choose; Fred or White J?

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