A Couple of Short Reviews

I’ve seen a lot of movies in the last couple of weeks that I haven’t had time to do posts on so I decided to do a quick one with all of them.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows – I really enjoyed this movie as much as the first one. Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law’s chemistry is wonderful. The movie is everything the first one is and a little bit more. There is more mystery and intrigue. Noomi Rapace (The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo; Swedish version) really didn’t bring anything to the table wither character. I man she didn’t really have much to do for the film. See it if you liked the 1st one and if you didn’t like the first one then you won’t like this one.


Young Adult – I love Charlize Theron. She’s such a great actress. She plays Mavis, a completely delusional woman and the kind of chick I would have hated in high school. Mavis is was hot stuff in high school and now comes back to her home town thinking she still has it when in reality she is a complete mess. Patton Oswald is also wonderful in this movie. He plays Matt, a former classmate of Mavis’ who sees through all of her bs and calls her out on it. It’s pretty wonderful. This movie is another joint effort between Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman. Cody wrote the 2007 hit movie Juno and Reitman directed it. This movie has the same sort elements and flow like Juno but its not as cutesy and quirky as Juno was.


The Sitter stars Jonah Hill as the worst babysitter ever who takes 3 kids on the town and wild hijinks ensue. While this movie sounds like it would be terrible, it was actually pretty funny. I mean everything that happens has been done before and better but it is still worth seeing at a matinee. The kids definitely make this movie. They are some of the most ridiculous kids that I have seen in movies. Usually I dislike kids in movies because I feel that they just ruin things make everything go haywire and these kids did but they made me laugh and kept me entertained while everything was going down.


We Bought A Zoo stars Matt Damon and Scarlett Johannsen. Matt Damon plays a widow with 2 kids, who is trying to help the kids cope with the death of their mother while also grieving himself. He then impulsively buys a zoo and they have to find a way to save it and keep open. It’s pretty standard fair nothing special about it. This one is definitely a redbox rental or dollar theater movie. The only thing that I got out of this movie was that the little girl that is Matt Damon’s daughter, played by Maggie Elizabeth Jones, is one of the cutest things ever.


War Horse is a classic Spielberg film. Very picturesque, very sappy. The movie is basically what the trailer shows, a boy and his horse, set against the setting of rural England and World War I. I thought the movie was fine. It had a very Gone With The Wind look and feel to it. I don’t know animal movies just aren’t my cup of tea so I tend not to like them or try to see them. The acting was fine as well. I’m sure this will get nominated for a couple of BAFTAs and Oscars because its Spielberg and it has a victorious, sappy happy ending. If animals are your thing, go see it. For me its a take it or leave meh kind of movie.


The Artist is a black and white silent film about a silent film star who starts getting fazed out by the beginning of “talkies.” The film stars two french actors who are unknown to the states, Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo. I have never actually watched a silent film. (I know how can I be a movie junkie without seeing some of these old films. They are on my list of movies to watch. I’ll get to them at some point). The movie was really good. Sometimes we don’t pay attention to things in movies because the dialogue is there to tell you all you need to get a visual but with a silent film this is not the case and you must pay attention to everything from emotions playing on the face of the actors to how the people around them are reacting. I also saw that you can’t hide bad acting in a silent film. I feel that sometimes good dialogue can hide that someone is a terrible actor. This movie is a hard sell to many people but I liked it and would recommend it just as something different to watch. All the critics are saying this movie is the one to beat this awards season. I don’t know how true that is but I’m sure that it will be walking away with some awards.

4 thoughts on “A Couple of Short Reviews”

  1. Hahahh yeah Matt I understand the sitter is not everyone’s cup of tea. I sometimes thing I’m a 12 yr old boy and find the juvenile humor of one funny at times hence my middling review of the sitter.

  2. Hmmm…a silent film. I think I want to see it. I talk through films so it might be interesting to see how I react. 🙂

  3. I want to see The Artist and Young Adult. And I think you left out one very important thing from the We Bought a Zoo review: Matt Damon is hot. So hot. Really hot. Like, go watch this movie. Or rent it on DVD and mute it to avoid cheesy dialogue. But still, see it, because Matt Damon is hot.

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