Safe House(2012)

Denzel Washington does the same generic action flick that he has been pumping out in the past couple of years. That being said it was a good movie just the same ol. Safe House stars Denzel Washington as Tobin Frost, a former CIA agent who went rogue years before. He comes into the hands of the CIA and they hold him in Cape Town, South Africa to get information from him at one of their safe houses. Ryan Reynolds’ character is Matt Weston, keeper of the safe house. When the house is attacked, Weston and Frost go on the run in this action packed, Bourne-esque thriller trying to find out what is really happening.

Denzel Washington is such a great actor. From the very beginning of the film, you can tell he had a really good time playing this role. I think he likes doing the bad guys best. The characters he plays that are slightly to the left of the moral compass always seem to be five steps ahead of everyone and have a look of I’m better than you and I know it. He has that look in this and its fun to watch him mess with Ryan Reynolds’ character and get into his head. The supporting cast is pretty good in this. Vera Farmiga plays an agent who is in charge of getting Washington’s character back to the states and  Brendan Gleeson plays the boss of Reynolds’ character. There isn’t really much for them to do as this movie is all about Reynolds and Washington.

This movie is pretty predictable. I clocked the bad guy about 15 minutes into the movie. They try to throw a red herring at you but aren’t very successful in trying to trick you. The movie gives the audience exactly what they want. Go see this movie. It’s  great popcorn movie and it’s nice counter programming from all the Valentine’s Day stuff that is coming out this weekend.

Safe House is in theaters now.

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