New Trailer: Dark Tide

Dark Tide stars Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez (Unfaithful) as professional divers. Berry’s character almost had a fatal encounter with a great white shark and returns to the water nine years later. However, when they get back into the water, they find her nightmare still lurks in the deep, hungrier than ever. This movie sounds atrocious and the trailer looks even worse. I had read that they were filming this there were absolutely no details on what the movie was about. The only thing that I read about it was that Berry and Martinez fell in love on set blah blah blah. I can now see why. The poster even looks bad and I love how they put from the director of Blue Crush and Into the Blue like that makes me want to go see this more. While Blue Crush, that stared a fresh Kate Bosworth, was not a bad movie, Into The Blue with Jessica  Alba and Paul Walker was sooo bad and pretty much had the same hot girl in bikini goes diving in the big bad water as Dark Tide. It’s sad to kind of see what Berry’s career has come to. I mean what has she done lately? Nothing, which I guess is fitting since she’s not that great of an actress. Dark Tide hits theaters March 30th.

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