Meeka Claxton Out of Basketball Wives

For those who like this show, Wife of retired NBA player Speedy Claxton (who), Meeka Claxton is done. I guess VH1 decided to let her go. Basically the drama with her and Tami was too much and they chose Tami to stay on. In my opinion this show needs to die and Meeka needs to thank her lucky stars not to be associated with it anymore. I can’t stand it. I’ve watched maybe an episode or 2 and I just can’t handle women that look like me acting ridiculous like that. I’ll watch a Real Housewives of whatever (which is the same show but with less melanin) before I watch this show. It doesn’t even matter that she is gone. Shaunie O’neal and VH1 are just gonna find some other desperate NBA baby mama/ex-wife/eternal girlfriend/groupie to take her place.

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