One Day

I know this movie came out maybe 3 weeks ago but I hadn’t seen it.  I kind of wanted to see it because I like Anne Hathaway but I also didn’t want to because it just looked ok and I would have had to pay for it because there was never a screening for it.  Anyway I was dragged (just kidding) to go see this by some lovely, wonderful friends of mine and what started out as a clichéd chick flick left me feeling pissed off and bamboozled by the ending.

I had seen the trailer to this movie a million times in the past weeks leading up to its release and never did any trailer I saw allude to what was to come in the movie.  I thought I was going to have a lovely time with friends where we laugh at all the ridiculous things leading up until these two main characters get together (they ALWAYS get together) but by the end were in tears and angry (and not just at Anne Hathaway’s awful British accent).

I can’t say what happens in the movie but if you are going in expecting la dee da roses and rainbows brace yourself because this is definitely not a movie to watch when you want something light.  Overall I thought the movie was pretty good and typical, it’s just that the ending kind of killed the good feelings I had for it.

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