Music Video Watch

New videos from Jennifer Lopez and J. Cole.

Jennifer Lopez – Papi

This video is for her current single “Papi” off her LOVE? album. I like the story of the video.  I mean there really isn’t much to it.  What I don’t like the bad acting in this.  Jennifer has always been a pretty mediocre actress and its not surprising really that she can’t pull off this small little acting job in this video.  I also hate when videos are also commercials.  If you have watched any kind of television lately then you have probably seen the commercial with shots from this video advertising the new Fiat. I will say the chick can dance and while she has danced more in other videos, I like the choreography here.

J. Cole f/ Trey Songz – Can’t Get Enough

This is the second single from the soon to be released (Sept 27th) album Cole World.  The video is really nothing that special. I mean its your living large, big bootied girls shaking their behind in bikinis rap video.  That being said I love it and have watched it a couple of times.  I like the song. Don’t judge me, sometimes I like inappropriate rap songs that I can dance and shake my behind to.  Bonus Trey Songz is in the video even though he sometimes “looks like a beige greyhound” according to Kevin Hart.  Hahah that still cracks me up. Bonus #2 my girl Rihanna (I don’t know her) is in the video throwing up the Roc sign.

2 thoughts on “Music Video Watch”

  1. I saw my friend Mr. Dexter Mayfield in that “Papi” video as one of the dancers! Ha! One degree of separation between myself and J-Lo. Take that, take that…

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