Footloose is another wonderful remake that Hollywood is blessing us with this year.  It stars former Justin Timberlake back up dancer Kenny Wormald and former Dancing With the Stars pro Julianne Hough. The movie is about a kid from Boston (Kenny Wormald) who moves to a small town in Georgia called Bomont, where loud music and dancing has been outlawed. He comes and rebels against the town authority and tries to gain his right to dance. Hahahahahahah omg I just burst out laughing typing that last sentence. The movie sounds so ridiculous and it is. I can’t say if this version was better than the 1984 original with Kevin Bacon because I barely remember it but I’m sure the original was better because what I watched was awful. The acting, the dancing ughh AWFUL. My gosh why is Julianne Hough trying to be an actress. She’s not good. There were supposed to be some tearful and emotional scenes happening and she couldn’t even cry in them. I mean I just think if you are going to be an actress, one of the basic skills you have to master is crying when the scene calls for it. I mean use an onion  to get the tears going or something. Even if Hough could master that she still wouldn’t be a good actress. Dennis Quaid also stars in the movie playing Julianne Hough’s preacher father and the main reason dancing is banned from Bomont. I have been reading the reviews for this movie and they are all saying how great and wonderful it is and I just don’t get it at all. At first I thought well maybe I need to watch it again to see if I am wrong but I just can’t see putting myself through that torture for a second time so my original opinion stays. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!! If you do want to see for yourself, Footloose hits theaters Friday 10/14.

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