Cancellations and Full Season Pickups

It is week 3 of the fall tv season and this is about the time when networks start seeing which shows to cut and which to pick up for the entire season.  Read more to see which shows got the ax and which we’ll be seeing for the whole season. 

NBC is out of the gate first with cancellations. The Playboy Club has gotten the trophy for being first cancelled of the fall 😦 I’m a little sad about this because like I said in my “thoughts on new shows” post its not a bad show, it just needs a little work. But with a debut two weeks ago of only 5 million viewers and last night’s broadcast bringing in 3 million there was just no way this was going to stay on. I had hope that it would since NBC president, Robert Greenblatt, said that he was going to give his new shows a chance to succeed and find their footing. Clearly that was not the case. Oh well, hopefully my man Eddie Cibrian can bounce back from this and find another series that is a hit because he is a talented guy.

Free Agents is also done at NBC.  I thought the show was getting better. It wasn’t great but it also wasn’t god awful. The most recent episode attracted only 3.3 million viewers. It kept losing viewers each week and so I expected this.  Oh well not a great lose here. Reruns of Whitney will be airing in its timeslot.

CBS has cancelled its first show of the season. How to Be a Gentleman was ok at best and will most definitely not be something that I’ll miss. The show was getting about 8 million viewers, which wouldn’t be bad for NBC or ABC but that figure is close to half the audience from its lead-in, The Big Bang Theory,which averages about 14 million a week. Rules of Engagement another show that will more than likely be axed at the end of this season is going to be taking its spot starting October 20th.

Whitney and Up All Night are the first shows on NBC to get a full season run.  The shows are modest hits for the network, each pulling in about 5 million viewers a week so far.  On any other network these 2 shows would be cancelled but NBC has been struggling for a hot since Friends ended and just can’t seem to find it’s footing.  Whitney and Up All Night are fine shows to me not the best but I see potential to get better.  I can see how others don’t like Whitney, as I have heard the word annoying come up a lot when referring to her.

Not surprising FOX has picked up New Girl for the rest of the season. The show was FOX’s biggest comedy debut in 10 years with 10.1 million viewers. It also is number one with the 18-49 age group of viewers that networks and advertisers covet so much. Those numbers didn’t go down much in it’s subsequent airing so of course FOX is keeping this. Like I said in a previous post I like Zooey Deschanel and her quirkiness but the pilot just didn’t hit that much for me.  The second episode was better to me so hopefully that trend continues.

“Girl” comedies continue to rule this season with 2 Broke Girls getting a full season order from CBS. Yay!!! I like this show so I’m all smiles about this.  It was kind of a duh though. The show has been averaging about 10 million viewers a week and only continues to get better.

CW has jumped into the pick up game and given The Ringer, Hart of Dixie and The Secret Circle a full season run. Yay!! The three shows have not been doing as well as expected but they have been doing fine enough by CW standards. I like them all so I’m happy they all got to stay.

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