In Time

In Time stars Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried in a movie set in the future, where people stop again at the age of 25 and in order to stop overpopulating the earth, people are genetically engineered to live for one more year after 25. With this system, time becomes the new currency with the wealthy being able to live forever and the poor having to beg, borrow and steal to make it though the day. Timberlake plays Will Salas, who finds himself accused of murder and on the run with a hostage, whose connection becomes important in the fight against the system. The premise of this movie with time becoming currency and people not aging had the potential to be a really good movie. I really had high hopes for Justin. I thought maybe this movie would be his big movie. It had such potential and completely blew it. Ok maybe not completely but man the movie was not good. The dialogue was bad and there were so many awkward pauses in the dialogue. It just made no sense. You would think that with some of the people in this cast (Cillian Murphy, Matt Bomer, Vincent Kartheiser) and the person who directed it (Andrew Niccol; Truman Show) that this would be at least a B- movie but sadly it was more like a D/C-. Timberlake’s last movie, Bad Teacher was almost as bad as this one. I think it might be time for Justin to get back to music full-time. Hollywood has given him enough movies to show that he can carry a movie and he has disappointed. He is hilarious when he does SNL or small smaller roles but he can’t carry a movie and should stop trying. Get back to making me a new album Justin.

In Time In Theaters Now

4 thoughts on “In Time”

  1. I was thinking about seeing this one because the trailer on Hulu looked good…herm. Maybe not. ALSO I hated having to wait so long for another new episode of New Girl.

  2. Aaah…that makes me sad. I was considering seeing the movie today! But you know me, I have weird taste and I only watch certain movies because my favs are in it, and JT is definitely one of my favs…interestingly, on my way to campus today, for some reason I started thinking about the 2007 JT concert, and I was thinking, that was possibly one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. Anyway, let me stop rambling. I probably won’t see In Time now given your bad review, but the movie sounds so sociological I was drawn to it! lol. I might be able to use it for teaching purposes one day. Well, that’s a stretch, but you never know. Ok, I digress.

  3. So I broke down and went to see the movie. In sum, In Time was alright for what it was…but it wasn’t all that. It was indeed sociological, though. My professor LOVED it, and said she might even use it as a teaching resource for her class (we’re so nerdy!). Still got nothing but love for Justin Timberlake, though.

  4. Well i went to see it last night, i liked it! i think the concept was interesting and while I agree that it had potential to be better, they did well. It seemed futuristic and while it was a little off I just assumed thats how people act in the future lol.

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