Throwback: Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has finally gotten a job. No not an acting job no one pays her to do that anymore. Playboy is going to be paying her almost $1 million to pose for their magazine. This sounds like an amazing career move. I mean this is what the greats do when they are as talented as she is. She also is heading back to court for violating parole by not doing community service hours she was assigned. So in honor of all Lindsay’s recent trouble and new job, I want to look back at some of the hits from the career of the 25 yr old that started so promising and has taken the turn for the absolute worse.

Parent Trap (1998)

This was the first movie I saw her in. I didn’t think much as I was 13 and all I thought was it was a good movie and that it was like the movie It Takes Two that had the Olsen twins in it. On a future viewing later on though you could see she was pretty good in this and that there was potential. Too bad that all went to waste.

Mean Girls (2004)

Six years later, Lohan was seen in this movie that I love and is one of those that I have to watch every time I see it on cable. Puberty has happened to Lohan she has definitely come into her looks at this point. The movie was written by the wonderful Tina Fey (SNL, 30 Rock) and just had a really great up and coming cast besides Lohan (Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert). I love this movie. It is just so good. All the angst and self-doubt of high school and the cattiness and bitchiness of girls in general plus it is hilarious. This was Lohan’s big coming out party. Everyone loved her. She was the new teen movie queen and she was just going to be getting bigger and bigger.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (2004)

This movie also came out the same year as Mean Girls and its mainly on here not because it was the greatest movie but because its one of my secret guilty pleasures. I saw the trailer for this movie and I trashed it so hard while inside secretly thinking that I would go to a matinée and watch it by myself because no one could see me watching it. The movie stars Lohan and a pre-famous Megan Fox. It’s so cliche and awesomely bad that its good. The thing about this movie is that even though it’s not great Lohan is still good in it.

Bobby (2006)

This movie is an account of the hours that lead up to the 1968 shooting of Robert F. Kennedy following his win in the California Democratic primary. This movie came out after the drama that follows Lohan on a regular basis now started. She had already done 2 stints in rehab and was having a lot of family drama. But that was all put aside when she turned it up in this movie. She is one of like 18 main casts members, but her performance was good enough for a Screen Actor’s Guild Award nomination. If you haven’t seen this movie, its good. Besides Lohan, the movie stars Anthony Hopkins, Emilio Estevez, Demi Moore, Harry Belafonte, Martin Sheen, and a whole slew of others.

I talk about all these movies just to show what a promising career there once was and now isn’t. Many of Lohan’s costars from past films have gone on to become highly employable actors. Rachel McAdams got huge from the Notebook after Mean Girls and continues to star in many big movies. Amanda Seyfried also is one that is has come a long way since Mean Girls. She is currently staring in the movie In Time (In theaters now) with Justin Timberlake. Hell even the terrible Megan Fox is employable. It’s simply a shame to see that Lohan couldn’t parlay all this success into something that would look like a successful career instead of this desperate, court filled, drama that has become her life.

One thought on “Throwback: Lindsay Lohan”

  1. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen! You’re right, she could carry even a subpar movie like that on her own. Makes you realize the wasted talent. Also, I never realized Megan Fox was in that movie.

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