American Music Awards

The American Music Awards aired last night on ABC and it was a performance heavy show with few awards given. This is what all award shows should do. give out a few awards but let it be mostly performances and montages for the rest of the show to keep the fast pace going. Nicki Minaj opened the show with David Guetta singing their song, “Turn Me On.” Nicki did a lot of singing. There is like one line of rapping in this song and its terrible. Why is Nicki singing? Her voice was ok I guess for a rapper but I need these rappers to stop singing if they ey are not singers. She then transition into her hit song “Super Bass.”

That performance was a little better but nothing to scream about. Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez apparently are huge favs of hers and have become besties. The camera kept panning to them rapping and jamming. Ugh. Her performance outfit was ok too. I don’t understand the speakers (I think they are speakers) on the outfit but whatever.

Some awards were presented. Taylor Swift won favorite country female artist. I call B.S on that one. Miranda Lambert has been slaying all flipping year. She should have taken that award. I hate that the AMAs have now become like the VMAs in that they are voted on by 13 year olds.

I can’t stand this girl and I don’t know why. I think it might be just all her cutesy stuff. I just don’t think she’s sincere at all. She had a cute dress. Very typical of the way she dresses but man that hair is awful. You have hair and makeup artists please get them to do something to your hair.

Justin Bieber performed “Mistletoe” from his Christmas album Under the Mistletoe. I took a bathroom break here. I’m not really a fan of Christmas music and I’m not a fan of Bieber because I’m not a 12-year-old girl so I really didn’t watch. What was he wearing though? It looked like a jumpsuit that Will.I.Am has been wearing since “Boom Boom Pow.”

This performance went straight into The Band Perry’s performance of “If I Die Young.” Their album is great but they sounded a little off on that performance.

More awards given. Then 50 Cent comes out and introduces Chris Brown and says that he’s the main event and calls him a legend. Let’s not get ahead ourselves now. He does some nice performances but legend no. First of all, this blond hair has just got to go. He looks absolutely ridiculous. The performance was cool but a little weird. Whoever was doing the directing or camera cuts kept having things out of frame and you couldn’t really see much. It was a glow in the dark performance (not the last of the night). I just didn’t like it really. Everyone else did though. I just need him to get some media training and stop popping off on Twitter. He needs to just let his performances to speak for themselves. Here is his performance of All Back and Say It With Me from his F.A.M.E album.

More awards given. Nicki Minaj won something and almost tripped on her huge Alexander McQueen ball gown dress that she was wearing.

Kelly Clarkson then performed her new single “Mr Know It All” from her Stronger album. It was a big band, slightly countrified version of the song. She looked beautiful. Good hair good makeup, and the dress was pretty she just had a spanx malfunction because you could see where they cut her off and her stomach was out and not very flattering in the dress. She sounded nice but the original version of the song is better than how she performed it.

More awards. Rihanna wins for favorite R&B/Soul album. Does America not know what R&B and Soul is? I love that Loud album. I jammed it for a LONG time. It’s still in rotation on my playlist but that is not an R&B album at all.

Enrique Iglesias performed and Ludacris came out to try to give his performance some kind of life but failed. It was just dead, no energy like he didn’t want to be there.

The AMAs did a divas montage that was awesome and sent me going straight back to my old Celine Dion, Tina Turner and Janet cds. Real voices and performers. Loved it.

Jennifer Lopez performed and say what you want about this woman’s singing but you can’t say she looks bad. She looked flipping hot, well not at the beginning of this performance with that dress. The performance itself left a lot to be desired. It was nothing but a live Fiat commercial and I felt really bad for her when the car wouldn’t open for a little bit lol. She then stripped down to an old catsuit that Britney wore 8 years ago in her 2003 “Toxic” video. She performed “Papi” and my song of the summer “On The Floor” featuring Pitbull. I don’t know what it is about this song but every single time it comes on I get a little crazy lol. Just ridiculous.

The next couple of performances were both AWFUL. One Republic and Marc Anthony performed. One Republic did “Good Life” and Anthony did his song featuring Pitbull “Rain On Me.” “Good Life” is a good song. I like it when I hear it on the radio and I usually like their songs but this is maybe the 3rd time that I have heard them sing live at an award show and sound AWFUL. Clearly they are only made for radio. Marc Anthony just has a horrible song and good thing he had Pitbull there for some of the performance because he really knows how to liven up a performance.

Katy Perry was next with her new single “The One That Got Away.” I’m not a fan of this song but she sounded pretty good. It was simple and her voice sounded pretty good. She on the other hand looked ridiculous.

She was then surprised by presenter Heidi Klum with a special achievement award for being the first female to have 5 number one singles from the same album. She is the 2nd artist to accomplish this behind Michael Jackson. This is a huge feat. She pretty much has slayed all year. Every single she has released has gone to number one. I don’t think this one will give her a 6th one though.

More awards were given. Jennifer Lopez won favorite Latin Music Artist. Shouldn’t you sing latin music to get that award and not just be latin? She wasn’t nominated for latin music. She did look super hot though. Like smoking. Loved the black dress that she was wearing. That woman is beautiful. 41 years old and fabulous. Let me get a lot of money to maintain myself like that.

More awards happened. More performances. Mary J Blige, Maroon 5, Christina Aguilera and Travie McCoy, and Drake performed next. I love Travie McCoy. My friend questioned my judgement on that one but I don’t even know why I love him and Gym Class Heroes I just do. & Jennifer Lopez – T.H.E (The Hardest Ever) – Live at 2011 American Music Awards from BEPNEWS on Vimeo.

Last award of the night is Artist of The Year. The nominees were Adele, Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift. From this list hands down Adele is going to win. That album has been out for 32 weeks and just keeps going. It hasn’t been out of the top 10 since it debuted and it sells at least 100,000 copies every week. Adele has got it. Taylor Swift wins. You kidding me. I definitely call b.s on that one. Even she knew that she shouldn’t have won that award. She went up on stage saying she knew she wouldn’t win. Ughh whatever. I was already ready for the awards to end and they definitely did for me when LMFAO came out to end the night with “Party Rock” and “I’m Sexy and I Know It.” I started watching that performance and I thought if those stupid Kia Soul rats come out I just might lose it. Luckily that didn’t happen but what did happen was LMFAO and everyone on the stage ended up in their underwear.

Well that was the American Music Awards. Nothing spectacular. Until December for Golden Globes, later. Happy Thanksgiving

3 thoughts on “American Music Awards”

  1. thx for the ama recap and the video clips 😀 im not a fan of bieber but omg “I’m not really a fan of Christmas music ” aaahhh heartbreaking bernicee, haha, i’ve been listening to christmas music the past 2 weeks! and the band perry is great, saw them in concert but UGH those guys need to cut their hair….

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