My Week With Marilyn (2011)

My Week With Marilyn stars Michelle Williams (Dawson’s Creek, Blue Valentine, Shutter Island) as Marilyn Monroe and takes place in the time when she was filming the 1957’s The Prince and the Showgirl with Laurence Olivier who is played by Kenneth Branagh (Hamlet, Director of Thor). It centers around Monroe’s experiences with Colin Clark (Eddie Redmayne), the third assistant director on the film. I saw this earlier this week and I liked it. I thought it did a good job with the pacing. I wasn’t bored at all like I was at J. Edgar. I think Michelle Williams did a great job playing Monroe. She had her look, mannerisms and her voice down completely. I don’t know much about Monroe except for a few things that I have seen but she was definitely annoying to me and such a manipulator. She just knew how to turn on that charm and have men doing anything she wanted. She was also very insecure and in the movie you can see that in the way she was with her then husband Arthur Miller played by Dougray Scott (Ever After, Desperate Housewives), whom I did not recognize at all. They also show her excessive drug use. This movie has Oscar written all over it. It’s a true story and there are a bunch of Brits in it ,including Judi Dench, Emma Watson and Dominic Cooper, so it’s definitely going to get some nominations. Williams is definitely going to get a nomination for Best Actress. I don’t think she should be. I think she was great and played the role really well but not Oscar performance. I would recommend you watch the movie. For people who are fans of Marilyn definitely see it and if you are like me and don’t know much about her but like good acting, go watch it.

My Week With Marilyn is in theaters now.

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