The Vow: Its Better Than You’d Expect

The worst thing about romantic comedies is always the last 10 – 15 minutes of the movie when the girl or the guy goes and makes some grand gesture to show their love, whether it’s hailing a cab to get you to JFK in 2 seconds in the middle of rush hour traffic or running down the street yelling like a mad person to get the attention of the object of their affection. None of these happen in The Vow to which I am very thankful for.

The Vow is a film starring Rachel McAdams (The Notebook, Sherlock Holmes) and Channing Tatum (Step Up, Haywire) as Paige and Leo, a married couple that gets into an accident that puts Paige in a coma. When she wakes up she doesn’t remember her husband or how she came to have the live that was presently living. Leo then tries to win his wife back and make her fall in love with him again.

While this sounds every sappy, clichéd, romantic movies, there was more than that. It had its moments but overall they toned down the over dramatic moments I hate in these types of movies. It was enough though to make 5 out of 6 of my friends that I saw it with whip out the Kleenex. I thoroughly enjoyed myself watching this movie though. I really like Rachel McAdams. She just completely shines in almost everything she does and Channing Tatum’s acting has improved some. Some of the scenes where he is crying and talking about his relationship with his wife were just so heartbreaking. It was just good. But if you feel that his acting wasn’t that great, there are plenty of shirtless scenes to make up for it. (Sidenote: He has such an ugly cry face). The supporting cast was pretty good. Love Jessica Lange (American Horror Story) and Sam Neill (Jurassic Park).

I think it’s a good chick flick. Nothing spectacular but if there was a list of movies like this that have come out in the last 2 years, I would put it up there.  But I don’t know if that says that the movie was good or that the romantic movies from the last 2 years have been utter crap.

The Vow is in theaters this Friday.

2 thoughts on “The Vow: Its Better Than You’d Expect”

  1. Haven’t watched the movie. Prolly won’t . But did have a convo about this last night with some friends. If it’s a cry-worthy movie…I SHAN’T be there! What does a G like myself look like crying in public? No ma’am The last movie that got me like that was Antoine Fisher. Never again.

    So, I’ll do what every respectable man does…wait 4 months and secretly Redbox it so I can watch it in the privacy of my living room.

    Also, I’m laughing/mad at the fact that you said Channing Tatum’s
    acting (or lack thereof) can be forgiven by his various states of undress. By that logic, Halle Berry actually *deserved* the Oscar that she won. And we alll know that aint the case.

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