84th Annual Academy Awards air this Sunday @8:30/7:30c on ABC. I’m a little lazy so read this great post on themovieblog8 about the nominees and their predictions on who will win. 

Remote Access

Today, I finally break down and break down the Oscars. (That wasn’t that clever, but neither was the idea of inventing February. (Black History Month, you deserve better.) And neither was this racist headline ESPN wrote that I’ve been wanting to talk about for so long (but won’t get the chance to). Sorry if I’m not being coherent.) In this post, I’ll tell you not only who will win gold on Sunday night, but who should win, in my humble ole opinion. There will be a post-Oscar post (I’m full of the good stuff today) just like this one, but with winners instead of predictions. Ready? Okay, let’s do it. Oh, wait. One more thing: asterisks denote films I haven’t actually seen. 

Best Adapted Screenplay

This is a person one for me. (It’s also a personal one, but I let the typo be because it still works.) Why? Because Community‘s…

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