Academy Awards 2012

I was going to write some big post on all the best and worst moments from last night’s Oscars but I was clearly bored since I fell asleep sitting up almost 2 hours into the show. So thought I would just post all my Twitter comments as I watched.

Bernice ‏ @Bfonge Getting the awards no one cares about out of the way first I guess.#Oscars

7:45 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web · (In reference to all the cinematography awards handed out at the beginning)

Issa Rae ‏ @issarae I’ve only seen “Dragon Tattoo” and “Tree of Life” — Why the fuck am I watching the Oscars? Because I don’t want “The Help” to win.
Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @issarae Viola is so wonderful though regardless of the movie.
 7:47 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
Finesse Mitchell ‏ @Finessemitchell I saw “Glory” last night. Denzel should have won for that, and Malcolm X, The Hurricane and Remember The Titans. #TheOscars be TRIPPIN
Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @Finessemitchell I thought Denzel did win a supporting award for Glory
7:58 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
Very Smart Brothas ‏ @VerySmartBros Has Morgan Freeman ever not been old?
Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @VerySmartBros I was gonna say he wasn’t old in Glory but he was old in that too
8:03 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
Amber Dowling ‏ @amber_dowling #TheHelp was such a good book, but this #Oscars buzz for the just-OK movie seems a little over the top.
Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @amber_dowling I really think it’s more because of the actors in the movie than for the movie itself.
8:15 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
Riffykins ‏ @rizzle_sticks I love genuine freak-outs during acceptance speeches. #oscars #gooctavioa
Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @rizzle_sticks I KNOW!!!! I love them so much. Kate Winslet 2 years ago was a good one
8:16 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
Movieline ‏ @Movieline Okay, folks. Tell us what you think of the Oscars show so
 Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @Movieline boring except for Octavia winning and the focus group bit.
8:24 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
BackstageOL ‏ @BackstageOL Time to catch up with the Oscars— (had to drive from the radio station)…makeup goes to The Iron Lady..
Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @BackstageOL You aren’t missing much
8:25 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web ·
Riffykins ‏ @rizzle_sticks @MarcoofRoke NOOOOOOOO my first reaction was to scream “Shave it off!!!” at the TV!!! #agreetodisagree  (In reference to Bradley Cooper’s mustache)
Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @rizzle_sticks @MarcoofRoke Hahaha me too. I wonder if his girl Zoe Saldana likes it.
8:26 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web ·
Kristenise Belloyd ‏ @PurelyKris Am I the only one watching the All-Star Game?
Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @PurelyKris No but everyone is bored with that and the Oscars so they are watching Walking Dead or Celebrity Apprentice lol
8:31 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
Marco Antonio ‏ @MarcoofRoke  F**k maybe I should have seen #Hugo ?
Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @MarcoofRoke No its boring as hell
8:32 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
Grady Smith ‏ @EWGradySmith The public doesn’t love Hugo as much as the #Oscars – it’s earned $69.4M in 96 days. For reference ‘Journey 2’ has earned $76.5M in 17 days.
 Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @EWGradySmith I have to admit I was bored out of my mind seeing Hugo and I love Scorsese.
8:35 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web

@Bfonge ME TOO.

Riffykins ‏ @rizzle_sticks Harry Potter franchise has one shot left at winning an Academy Award: Visual Effects #oscars #acciooscar
Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @rizzle_sticks Sadly it’s not going to happen. That franchise has been truly robbed of some awards.
8:36 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
Riffykins ‏ @rizzle_sticks Ooooooh Gwenyth, without the cape we are IN BUSINESS #oscars
8:43 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
Riffykins ‏ @rizzle_sticks GO RANGO GO!@rizzle_sticks That was the only movie worth winning. Kung Fu Panda 2 come on

8:48 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
Bernice ‏ @Bfonge God I love Emma Stone

8:54 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
Enchantee ‏ @Enchantee Harry Potter 7 pt.2 BETTER win something!!!
Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @Enchantee Nope that’s the last award it was nominated for I believe. So sad
8:57 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
vanhall ‏ @vanhall Everytime I see Owen Wilson I think about how he tried to kill himself! And how could a funny person be so sad
Bernice ‏ @Bfonge @vanhall I think they say most funny people are pretty depressed
9:14 PM – 26 Feb 12 via web
And that was my last tweet before I fell asleep. So I did pretty well. I made it 2hrs and 14 mins into the show. I think being on Twitter during award shows makes it so much better.

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