Gone stars Amanda Seyfried in this suspense thriller about a young woman who is said to be a little unhinged after she supposedly taken from her house by a strange man and then somehow escaped. The police don’t believe her at all and think she’s crazy so much so they once put her in a mental institution.

One night her sister mysteriously disappears and she believes that the man who took her has taken her sister. It then becomes a big thing where this woman is trying to find a kidnapper and her sister and the police are looking for her because they believe her to be unstable. Basically it’s a hot mess of a movie that pissed me off because I hate when people just act stupid and when a plot makes no sense. I won’t give away anything in case someone wants to go see this movie but things just made no sense. Like how did the killer know she would take the steps she did to try to get to him? It’s just so convoluted and ridiculous. When the movie I was pretty sure I pegged from the beginning came to an end, it was the most unsatisfying thing ever.

If it had happened the way I thought it would end, I wouldn’t have been upset. It would have been predictable but at least it would have made some kind of sense. This ending that we got was just very nonsensical. Anyway clearly no one really wanted to see this movie because it came out last week and I think it’s gone (get it lol) already.

Gone is in theaters now. Check out the trailer below.

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