Why I’m Officially Done With The Game

So after watching this week’s episode of The Game, I’m officially fine with it. I can take a lot from shows. When they get ridiculous, I can usually stay with them a lot longer than most people can just because I’m keeping hope alive that the writers will turn it all around. That is not the case with this show. I want to say not only has it gotten really ridiculous, there is no turning back from it.

The BET show use to be a promising show on the CW. Born as a spinoff from the highly successful series, Girlfriends, it was started off great. We had a lot new faces (Coby Bell, Hosea Chanchez,Pooch Hall) and some old ones (Britney Daniel; Sweet Valley HighWhite Chicks, Wendy Raquel Robinson; The Steve Harvey Show, and Tia Mowry Hardict; Sister Sister).

The show wasn’t the greatest show but I thought it was pretty good. Then it got cancelled by the CW and I was sad to see it go but whatever. Then BET picked it up and it was definitely done. BET is so cheap. They fired most of the writers of the show and changed the production of it. All of that made for crappy storylines and even crappier acting. One of the original cast members left because they packed shooting of 13 episodes into a couple of months and they would shoot out of order to save money. How is an actor supposed to do their best work when in one scene your character is supposed to be in one place and then switch frame of mind to take an scene from the end of the season when their character is supposed to be in a different place.

After watching this week’s past episode “Keep Your Friends Close and Your Prostitute Closer,” I officially deleted the show off my series records on my DVR. Really Tasha (Wendy Raquel Robinson) so desperate for man that she keeps a prostitute on retainer; Melanie (Tia Mowry Hardict) so desperate to hold on to Derwin (Pooch Hall)she has no friends and nothing else going in her life; Malik (Hosea Chanchez)is kind of just there and the one person who actually isn’t that bad of character on the show, Jason (Coby Bell) has been MIA for like 3 episodes.

Whatever. I gave BET a chance. I should have known better. They have terrible shows and now the only thing I will watch on that channel will be the train wreck they call the BET Awards.

2 thoughts on “Why I’m Officially Done With The Game”

  1. tasha mack… and a prostitute? wow.

    makes me glad i jumped off that sinking ship when i did! i was through after the 2nd episode of bet’s hands were on.

    i’m really baffled mara’s still on board w/this… i had respected her a lot as a screenwriter.

    1. Yep that is the story Tasha and a prostitute (played by Carl from Martin smh). Yeah I tried to give it a chance. I had some hope but not really since it was on BET. I don’t know why Mara is still on board. I think its because she is still making money and they get more viewers on BET than they ever did on the CW. She needs to try to make another show and get it on another network. I need her to be like Shonda Rhimes who is going to have like 4 shows on the air by the end of this year.

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