Season Finales Tuesday 5/22/12

Dancing With The Stars – ABC 9/8c – Season 14 finale. Who will win the mirror ball trophy? Will it be the washed up NFL player Donald Driver? The opera singer from across the pond, Katherine Jenkins? Or the Latin playboy William Levy? Gladys Knight and Kelly Clarkson perform.
Glee – FOX 9/8c – Season 3 finale. Graduation is finally here, as McKinley High’s class of 2012 looks to the past and present, while contemplating the future.

5 thoughts on “Season Finales Tuesday 5/22/12”

    1. Yeah I kind of gave up on Glee towards the beginning of the season. I just realized I was over it and it just didn’t have the same magic it had from season 1. I don’t know if some will be back. I don’t think they should be. I think once you graduate you should be gone. The one person that I could see coming back would be Puck because he probably won’t graduate. As for Colfer, Michelle, Agron, Monteith, I think they should maybe guest star from time to time but nothing else.

      1. How is that even possible lol? Glad you enjoyed the episode but I can’t go back to this show. Maybe it got better in the end but the beginning and the middle no.

  1. Watched glee. It was sad. It actually got me. Strange water drops were falling from my eyes. Hahaha curious what will happen to the graduates.

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