Season Finales Wednesday 5/30/12: America’s Next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion – CW 9/8c – Season 18 finale. As the finalists tackle a commercial and photo shoot, one model has a panic attack; after an innovative runway show, the winner is chosen. Gosh why is this show still on. Seriously? I officially stopped watching after the first episode this season. I love to watch Tyra’s crazy train but this was just a hot mess. It has been renewed for the 19th and hopefully last season and judges Nigel Barker and J’s won’t be back.

One thought on “Season Finales Wednesday 5/30/12: America’s Next Top Model”

  1. WHAT?! I totally didn’t even know they started this season up again. Who is that lady to the left? She looks like homegirl from “The Talk” aka the daughter on Rosanne. Lol. Ya, I heard its official, Nigel isn’t coming back.

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