And This Is Why I Continue To Not Watch VH1’s “Single Ladies”

Single Ladies is a show that airs on VH1 that revolves around the romantic relationships of three friends played by LisaRaye McCoy, Charity Shea, and Denise Vasi. I watched the first episode of this show when it premiered last year and it’s one of the worst shows ever. The writing and acting are just so awfully bad. There are some shows that are bad but somehow justify to yourself a reason to still watch (Top Model, Tough Love, Jersey Shore, etc). This show has none of that. You would think it would be a little decent too since it’s produced by Queen Latifah but nope. Season 2 of the show premiered this past Monday and a friend of mine watched it for some reason and was kind enough to send me his thoughts as he watched the episode.

  • Is it just me, or in order to be on this show, you have to have a bad weave/wig?
  • Horrible/unnatural introductions and backstories:
  • “My aunt used to live next door to her in Inglewood, and I’d stay there every other summer.  Now we’re like sisters.”
    • I mean, can you really be “like sisters” with somebody you see on average 6 weeks a year?
  • “I just got an email from Val.  She’s not coming back from Milan…forever”.
  • Is everybody an effing Tango dancer?!  I mean dang, now they got a brother feeling like he needs to take classes and ish
  • Oh, hello Rick Fox awkwardly interjected into the scene….with his non acting self.  Somehow, they make him seem shorter than he actually is.  I think they make him stand in a hole or something.
  • Great dialogue: “As you’re looking for things, look for a new dance partner.  Because as you know…it takes two to tango!”
  • “Good morning, Single Lady”
  • Oh, and a literal use of the title helps us remember what we’re watching
  • Did they just REALLY pour out some champagne in honor of Stacey Dash?!?
  • What’s up with these hallucinations?
  • Why is this show feeling like a Mexican telanovela?
  • (we’re only at the second commercial break.  this is easily the most awesomely bad show I’ve watched before)
  • Aaaand nerdy girl becomes magically sexy by taking down her library bun. Never seen that before.
  • I think Big Boy got new veneers.  They look good.  I think rappers getting their teeth fixed is a new trendy: Jay-Z, 50, Nelly…maybe Fabolous just didn’t get the memo yet?
  • Who is Shawn Clark, the lawyer…who busted into the interrogation room RIGHT as LisaRaye asked for her right to attorney?
  • Oh, this random convenient back story tells me that he’s her ex…who got another chick pregnant
  • I will say this is the best that Lisa Raye has looked,ever
  • She’s eating a plain bagel.  No cream cheese; no butter; no jelly.  Is that what’s hot in the streets now.  dry bread is the new black!!
  • What grown man says “You’re not interested in me!  I’m nice. I’m decent looking.  And I make six figures!!” [pouting face]
  • Does Queen Latifah think that just because she is singing the theme song that this show will be as good as Living Single

Thank you friend for letting me know that I can continue to not watch Single Ladies.

2 thoughts on “And This Is Why I Continue To Not Watch VH1’s “Single Ladies””

  1. OMG. THis was seriously HILARIOUS! I just watched the first episode (don’t ask me why) …..its just sooo bad and I don’t know why I keep watching!?!?!
    ps- why does Lisa Raye look like a bobblehead on that picture up top? HA!

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