Awkward Black Girl: Countdown to Season 2 **5 DAYS AWAY**

The countdown to the Awkward Black Girl season 2 premiere is on. The show premieres this Thursday, June 14th and to celebrate I am going to countdown my top 5 episodes of season 1 everyday until the season 2 premiere.

#5 – The Stop Sign

The Stop Sign is the first episode of the series and it set the tone for the rest of the season. I love this episode because while not perfect, it shows the potential of the series. It’s also just plain hilarious. There were so many things in this episode that made me cringe and laugh like “Booty Shorts”, fake phone calls , “A”, the lyrics “yes you deserve to die and I hope you burn in hell” (I don’t know why that one especially tickles me).

Stop by tomorrow to see what #4 will be.

3 thoughts on “Awkward Black Girl: Countdown to Season 2 **5 DAYS AWAY**”

  1. mmmm…next to the random “Halloween Episode”, this was the worst one. By the time I discovered ABG, thankfully there were like 3 episodes out. If this were the only one out at the time, I wouldn’t have kept watching. Also, I have very strong thoughts about which episodes are the best. You better not disappoint me….

    1. Look Bio. I happen to like this episode ok. Like I said it’s not the best but you can see the potential there and it only got better.

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