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FOX Makes The Mindy Project Available Online Before Premiere Date

The Mindy Project‘s second season doesn’t premiere for another week (Tuesday, September 17th is it’s premiere) but that hasn’t stopped FOX from making the show available to everyone who wants to catch it a little early.

The premiere episode went live today and guest stars James Franco as a new resident OB/GYN who is perfect and everyone loves. He also plays sex therapist for Danny (Chris Messina) and Christina (Chloe Sevigny).

The episode can be found on various outlets like Fox.com, Fox Now, HULU, Fox on Demand, Xbox 360, Samsung, Windows 8, Roku, iTunes, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung, Vudu and YouTube.

The television premiere of Season 2’s The Mindy Project premieres Tuesday, September 17 at 9:30/8:30c.

Olympics Are Over, Fall Shows Begin

Yay my favorite season is here. Fall tv season. I feel like it just ended and now it’s back again. It begins tonight with NBC’s Grimm making it’s return for Season 2. This show was pretty decent. It got better as the season went on. Watch it tonight on NBC at 10/9c.

I shall have a calendar with all the other fall premieres later this week.


Awkward Black Girl Episode 2.2 Postmortem

Awkward Black Girl premiered its latest episode this past Thursday and there were a lot of good things about the episode. This one is all about where things are progressing in Jay and White Jay’s relationship. Despite their becoming closer, she is having trouble taking it to the next level. Will that change soon?

Coming off the very lackluster season premiere episode, this one needed to be amazing to keep me wanting more ABG. Well it wasn’t amazing but it was at least better than the last episode. Upon my second viewing of the episode, I thought it was good. I liked the premise of the episode which was Jay’s discomfort with taking her relationship with white Jay to the next level. I think that lots of people relate to these kinds of dilemmas.

It did seem a little out of character for Jay to be this insecure about White Jay. Also did she really have to take all those shots to get comfortable with him? The thing I liked most about their relationship from last season was that while awkward Jay said that she could be herself around White Jay so this kind of sudden discomfort is off to me.

Here is hoping that episode 3, which will be coming August 9, will be the amazing episode I have waited for because these last two have been no where up to par with some of my favorites from last season.

Awkward Black Girl Season 2 Premiere Postmortem

Season 2 of Awkward Black Girl premiered tonight on the iamOTHER Youtube channel and I’m glad it is back. Watch episode 1: The Sleepover now.

Now that you have watched, I have to say that this episode was about a 5 on a 1-10 scale. There were some great lines between J and white J and also the dream sequence with Fred and A talking about J were pretty funny but other than that it was just a standard episode to me. There wasn’t enough white J, Cece or Nina. These 3 sometimes make the show for me. There was also some really bad acting happening in this episode. The girl at the front who thought J was gay is just really not good. Hopefully she isn’t on there much throughout the season. Also I need Fred to get a new hairstyle. What is happening there? It looks a mess. Glad the series is back and I hope future episodes are better. Episode 2 airs Thursday, July 16 on the iamOther channel.

Awkward Black Girl: Countdown To Season 2 **1 Day Away**

**It’s more like less than 8 hours away**

We are finally down to my #1 episode of ABG. I have enjoyed going back and watching all the episodes over again in preparation for the season 2 premiere that is coming tonight. It made me like this series even more. So my favorite episode is episode 5: The Dance. This episode is the best to me because first it starts off with a dance montage to Ice Cube’s “You Can Do It (Put Your Back Into It)”, then it shows us why “hair is the best thing to happen to rhythmless non blacks.” Everything about this episode is how I feel at parties, the awkward dance like you are having a good time, trying to make friends, and dancing next to people so they will recognize their urge to dance with me. Haha I am cracking up just thinking about all my awkward moments at parties. It’s all a hot mess and I love it. It is also where we are introduced to the wonderful white J. The way they meet and instantly click is so great and it’s why from this episode on I was team white J. It also introduced me to Frank Ocean’s “Novacane,” a song I can never get enough of. Every time the song comes on I think of this episode. I just love it so much.

Be sure to watch the season 2 premiere episode tonight at 9/8c on the iamOTHER channel.

Awkward Black Girl: Countdown to Season 2 **2 DAYS AWAY**

Yay 2 days away from the ABG season 2 premiere. I have counted down my top 5 episodes all week now and today we are at #2. My second favorite episode is episode 7: The Date. I love everything about this episode from the beginning where they do a nice She’s All That reference, to Cece trying to drop some knowledge on J on dating white guys, to the end when J, White J and Fred see each other. It is also one of my favorites because this is the episode that made me give some of hard-earned money from the slave labor I do to their kickstarter campaign. Check it out now.

Tune in tomorrow for my favorite ABG episode. If you missed my favorites from 3-5 check them out here, here, and here.

Awkward Black Girl: Countdown To Season 2 **3 Days Away**

We are now 3 days away from Season 2 of Awkward Black Girl and I am counting down my best ABG episodes. Today we are on #3 which I picked because everything I could ever want out of a season finale was in the episode. The episode is of course episode 12, The Decision which was the season finale of Season 1. The episode was great because not only did **Spoiler Alert** J pick white J but there were so many awkward moments that had me cracking up so hard. It also had a nice set up of where season 2 would pick up. Oh and cherry on to is the cameo by one of my fave new rappers, Childish Gambino. You might know him better by his government name, Donald Glover or simply as Troy from Community.

Tomorrow we shall get into my 2nd best ABG episode. If you missed what my #5 and #4 episode were check them out  here and here.

Awkward Black Girl: Countdown to Season 2 **4 Days Away**

4 Days away from the season 2 premiere of ABG and I am counting down my top 5 episodes. It’s been really hard to pick these episodes because there are so many good ones, but #4 goes to ABG episode number 6, The Stapler.

The Stapler is the so funny. It focuses on the aftermath of Nina’s thirsty behind kissing Fred, J’s crush and the anger and rage that J has been feeling because of it. Because of this rage, J blows up at work and is sent to anger management. Again the episode just has so many gems; gems I tell you. I love it because of all the scenes from anger management and it pushed J and white J closer together.

Quotable from the episode – Greg – “I’m here because one of my fellow employees insist on writing me emails in Comic Sans font. I mean last I checked I’m a grown ass man working for a grown ass company, ok.”

Cece – “It’s because I have to use syndrome in a sentence. It makes me feel like I’m putting my Psychology degree to use.” Hahah I feel like Cece all the time in regards to my useless Psych degree lol.