Awkward Black Girl: Countdown to Season 2 **4 Days Away**

4 Days away from the season 2 premiere of ABG and I am counting down my top 5 episodes. It’s been really hard to pick these episodes because there are so many good ones, but #4 goes to ABG episode number 6, The Stapler.

The Stapler is the so funny. It focuses on the aftermath of Nina’s thirsty behind kissing Fred, J’s crush and the anger and rage that J has been feeling because of it. Because of this rage, J blows up at work and is sent to anger management. Again the episode just has so many gems; gems I tell you. I love it because of all the scenes from anger management and it pushed J and white J closer together.

Quotable from the episode – Greg – “I’m here because one of my fellow employees insist on writing me emails in Comic Sans font. I mean last I checked I’m a grown ass man working for a grown ass company, ok.”

Cece – “It’s because I have to use syndrome in a sentence. It makes me feel like I’m putting my Psychology degree to use.” Hahah I feel like Cece all the time in regards to my useless Psych degree lol.

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