Awkward Black Girl: Countdown to Season 2 **2 DAYS AWAY**

Yay 2 days away from the ABG season 2 premiere. I have counted down my top 5 episodes all week now and today we are at #2. My second favorite episode is episode 7: The Date. I love everything about this episode from the beginning where they do a nice She’s All That reference, to Cece trying to drop some knowledge on J on dating white guys, to the end when J, White J and Fred see each other. It is also one of my favorites because this is the episode that made me give some of hard-earned money from the slave labor I do to their kickstarter campaign. Check it out now.

Tune in tomorrow for my favorite ABG episode. If you missed my favorites from 3-5 check them out here, here, and here.

2 thoughts on “Awkward Black Girl: Countdown to Season 2 **2 DAYS AWAY**”

  1. This episode was [Mya Voice] “like whoa!”. You can tell they upgraded their equipment, sounding system, errthang. At the end of the episode, I literally screamed…because it was over. Also, the Spoken Word scene had me dying faster than Cassie’s and Lumidee’s singing careers…

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