Tyler Perry: Action Star??

That’s what they want us to believe in the new trailer for Alex Cross, the James Patterson adaptation in which Tyler Perry will pick up the role that Morgan Freeman portrayed in Kiss The Girls and Along Came The Spider. This latest adaptation also stars Matthew Fox, John C McGinley, Edward Burns and Rachel Nichols. The film is a reboot and goes back to the younger days of Alex Cross and involves a case where a family member is murdered by a sadist killer (Fox) who likes to torture his victims.

Yeah I don’t believe him as an action man. This looks like your standard cop action movie which means very generic with nothing new to show you and extremely predictable. I’m glad this isn’t a written/directed/starring Perry movie and just one that he stars in because then it would really have been terrible. I watched Freeman’s Kiss The Girls and Along Came A Spider and I thought Kiss The Girls was a pretty standard movie but was made better by the great acting from Morgan Freeman (Along Came A Spider was pretty ehh). Freeman’s movies were a lot slower and so there was time for good dialogue and a chance to see killer and detective trade barbs and try to one up each other versus this new version that just looks like they put in a bunch of stunts to hide the fact that their star is a bad actor.

This new adaptation originally was given to Idris Elba until the film changed writers and directors and so they decided that what the project was missing was Tyler Perry. Lol. Can you imagine what it could have been with the first writer and Elba on board? Probably not what it looks like now but I will still give this movie a chance because I like all the supporting cast and they are actually pretty good at their jobs. Alex Cross opens everywhere October 19, 2012.

3 thoughts on “Tyler Perry: Action Star??”

  1. Ughhhhh lol! This is such a joke – cant wait to laugh! Also I read all your posts with your voice with your laugh peppered in between

    1. Hahahaah it’s a complete joke. I’m sad I won’t be here to laugh with you at this screening lol. Thanks for reading lol. You aren’t the first person that told me that they read it in my voice.

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