Ann Curry Announces New Role at NBC News

Ann Curry confirmed today what has been the worst kept secret ever that she will no longer be on NBC’s Today show couch after 15 years. Rumors have been circulating for the past week about the Today show host exit. She will now be an Anchor at Large and National and International Correspondent for NBC News and do global stories, primetime specials and reports for TodayNightly NewsRock CenterDateline and MSNBC. Savannah Guthrie is said to be a shoe-in for her spot on the couch but nothing has been announced yet.

They pretty much fired her and they are trying to make it seem like she’s getting a better gig and she’s clearly not. It sucks that they are blaming the ratings decline of the show on her. Today has always dominated in the morning show ratings and have been on the downward slide for some years now with ABC’s Good Morning America even beating them at times in the past few months. I don’t believe this is her fault. I think the ratings haven’t been that great since Katie Couric left and that a lot of people just aren’t watching as much daytime tv. The ratings for most daytime shows have been on a downward slope for sometime. Here is the video of her farewell. It’s pretty sad but she needs to put a smile back on that face since she’ll be pocketing the rest of the $20 million from her contract to not work for the show.

2 thoughts on “Ann Curry Announces New Role at NBC News”

  1. Ann Curry should not be to blame for the Today Show not getting their ratings. The show has the same things most of the time. They do a food segment (quickly) a short take on the lawyers disagreeing on things…real estate….same things different days is all. Please change it up and please keep my interest. Laurie

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