Movie Reviews (Seeking A Friend, Ted, People Like Us)

Seeking A Friend For The End of The World is all about the last three weeks leading up to the earth being destroyed by an asteroid. During this time, Dodge (Steve Carell; The Office) gets ditched by his wife and ends up bonding with his  neighbor Penny (Keira Knightley; Atonement, Pirates of The Caribbean), who leads him on a road trip to reconnect with her family and his high school sweetheart. A sweet, simple and kind of sad romance is portrayed in this movie. This isn’t like other romances when they show the couple is going to live happily ever after at the end. Nope, you know this is going to end with them both dying which I kind of love because if you have read any of my reviews on romantic movies or know me personally, you know I hate the last 10 mins of the movie which is all about happily ever after. Carell and Knightley are good actors but their whole romance is just a little weird because of their age difference. I have definitely seen movies where the age difference works but here it just doesn’t really but that is really a minor problem. The best thing about this movie though is the supporting cast. From Patton Oswald, Connie Britton, and Martin Sheen to Derek Luke, Rob Corddry and Adam Brody, the supporting cast make have the funniest and the most heart tugging parts of the movie. Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World is in theaters now.

Ted is the brainchild of Family Guy creator Seth McFarlene. The movie is about John Bennett (Marc Wahlburg) who as a child makes a wish for his teddy bear, Ted (Seth McFarlene), to come to life. John grows up with Ted at his side the entire time but their friendship gets tested by Lori (Mila Kunis), John’s girlfriend, who wants more from their relationship and wants him to stop being a man-child.  This is McFarlene’s directorial debut and it’s a pretty good one. The humor in the movie is classic McFarlene. If you have seen any episode of Family Guy you know that it’s crude, offensive to everyone, and very vulgar. This is exactly what you get with Ted. The plot is one note and you know where it’s going but it’s still pretty fun. Ted is in theaters now.

People Like Us is about Sam (Chris Pine; Star Trek, This Means War), a fast-talking salesman, whose latest deal collapses on the day he learns about his estranged father’s death. Sam is called home to the family that he hasn’t seen in years to put  his father’s estate in order. In the course of fulfilling his father’s last wishes, Sam uncovers a he has a 30-year-old sister Frankie (Elizabeth Banks; Hunger Games, 40 Year Old Virgin) whom he never knew about. As their relationship develops, Sam is forced to reconsider everything he thought he knew about his family and re-examine his life choices. This movie was ok. It’s one of those movies that looked like it was going to be really good but ended up ok. The thing that bothered me most about it is that Chris Pine’s character is developing this relationship with this woman that he knows is his sister but she doesn’t know she’s related to him and so they keep having these cringeworthy moments that are just all kinds of uncomfortable for the audience. I think that the cast is pretty great in this but the part about her not knowing just went too long. If they had done the reveal sooner, I think they could have done so much with it but as it stands it plays out like a romance tale that we know will never come to fruition. It just makes you feel uncomfortable. I would still recommend watching it because the acting is good and its ending makes up some for all the discomfort. People Like Us is in theaters now.

4 thoughts on “Movie Reviews (Seeking A Friend, Ted, People Like Us)”

  1. Now that I think about it, there was something FAKE about People Like Us… I don’t know. lol

  2. I saw People Like Us this past week, and I thought it was a good movie. However, in retrospect, I realize that there were some extra questionable moments between these “siblings.” I think the problem was that the two main characters looked super cute together, and it felt like they, at times, had romantic chemistry. So, in the end, I was sorta hoping they weren’t actually related and they could be together. HOT MESS, I know. But, the acting was good, and Pine is very easy on the eyes. Pfeiffer was also excellent in this movie. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her play such a mature woman, but she had a few moments in the movie that definitely made me cry. Well, I cry at the drop of a dime on some movies, so it doesn’t really matter that I cried twice in this one. 😉

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