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What To Watch: September 15

More premieres coming for tonight. It’s the weekend so there isn’t much coming out.


9/8c – OWN – Welcome To Sweetie Pie’s – Season 2 Premiere. The show follows the loud, loving and still very musical Montgomery family as they struggle with expanding their family owned business and creating a legacy to pass on to future generations, one soulful dish at a time.

11:29/10:29c – NBC – Saturday Night Live – Season 38 premiere. SNL kicks off the new season with host Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy, Ted) and musical guest Frank Ocean (Channel Orange, Nostalgia Ultra). The show lost a lot of the funnier people they had on the show but there are still many left like Bill Hader, Jason Sudeikis, Jay Pharoah, Vanessa Baher and Bobby Moynihan. We’ll see if it gets any funnier than the last couple of seasons. I doubt it but I’ll keep watching.

Movie Reviews (Seeking A Friend, Ted, People Like Us)

Seeking A Friend For The End of The World is all about the last three weeks leading up to the earth being destroyed by an asteroid. During this time, Dodge (Steve Carell; The Office) gets ditched by his wife and ends up bonding with his  neighbor Penny (Keira Knightley; Atonement, Pirates of The Caribbean), who leads him on a road trip to reconnect with her family and his high school sweetheart. A sweet, simple and kind of sad romance is portrayed in this movie. This isn’t like other romances when they show the couple is going to live happily ever after at the end. Nope, you know this is going to end with them both dying which I kind of love because if you have read any of my reviews on romantic movies or know me personally, you know I hate the last 10 mins of the movie which is all about happily ever after. Carell and Knightley are good actors but their whole romance is just a little weird because of their age difference. I have definitely seen movies where the age difference works but here it just doesn’t really but that is really a minor problem. The best thing about this movie though is the supporting cast. From Patton Oswald, Connie Britton, and Martin Sheen to Derek Luke, Rob Corddry and Adam Brody, the supporting cast make have the funniest and the most heart tugging parts of the movie. Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World is in theaters now.

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Trailers Galore

A ton of trailers for different movies and shows came out in the past few days. Here are some of the big ones.

Tom Cruise in the musical Rock of Ages

The movie has a whole hell of a lot of people in it from Mary J Blige, Julianne Hough, Alec Baldwin to Russell Brand, Paul Giamatti and Malin Akerman. Its just looks like a huge disaster and I’m not sure how this is going to pan out especially with Julianne Hough in the mix. She’s just such a bad actress. See for yourself.

Rock of Ages opens June 15, 2012.

True Blood Teaser Clip

The residents of Bon Temps will be returning this summer and in order to whet your appetites before the premiere, HBO sent out this teaser clip. It looks even crazier than last season’s and last season was nuts. Hopefully it be a great one since it’ll be Alan Ball’s last one as showrunner.

Season 5 of True Blood premieres June 2012 on HBO Continue reading Trailers Galore