Awkward Black Girl Episode 2.2 Postmortem

Awkward Black Girl premiered its latest episode this past Thursday and there were a lot of good things about the episode. This one is all about where things are progressing in Jay and White Jay’s relationship. Despite their becoming closer, she is having trouble taking it to the next level. Will that change soon?

Coming off the very lackluster season premiere episode, this one needed to be amazing to keep me wanting more ABG. Well it wasn’t amazing but it was at least better than the last episode. Upon my second viewing of the episode, I thought it was good. I liked the premise of the episode which was Jay’s discomfort with taking her relationship with white Jay to the next level. I think that lots of people relate to these kinds of dilemmas.

It did seem a little out of character for Jay to be this insecure about White Jay. Also did she really have to take all those shots to get comfortable with him? The thing I liked most about their relationship from last season was that while awkward Jay said that she could be herself around White Jay so this kind of sudden discomfort is off to me.

Here is hoping that episode 3, which will be coming August 9, will be the amazing episode I have waited for because these last two have been no where up to par with some of my favorites from last season.

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