Random stuff that tickled me or that I wanted to talk about from the past week.

Let’s start with Kristen Stewart coming out and apologizing for cheating on her Twilight costar and boyfriend of almost 4 years, Rob Pattinson. This situation is sad as infidelity is one of the many things I hate that people do in relationships but because Pattinson was gonna propose to his lady love and the guy Stewart cheated with, her director from Snow White and The Huntsman, Rupert Sanders is married and has two kids. All of that is sad but is some hilarity in this situation and that comes in the form of the Twihards, crazy Twilight fanatics. These people are so invested in that story that they are just lol devastated by this. They want to know how Stewart could do this to Rob and them and now hate her and such. They are literally in tears and histerics over it. It’s HILARIOUS. Watch this video of one crazy Twihard expressing her feelings about the whole cheating scandal. 

Several shows got renewed and picked up this past week and I couldn’t be happier about most of them. One of those is

MTV’s Awkward. This show is all kinds hilarious and ridiculous and like its title, awkward. When I watch this show, my hands cover my eyes for most of the 22 mins just because everyone is sooooo embarrassing and I can’t watch people embarrass themselves. I just love it and so glad MTV has picked it up for Season 3. Another show that I’m glad is sticking around is The Daily Show With Jon StewartJon Stewart has just signed a new deal with Comedy Central to stay at the network until 2015. YESS!!! Love The Daily Show. Stewart is hilarious and he is especially hilarious during election season. The one show that I don’t understand why it got renewed is Kathy Griffin’s late night talk show, Kathy. That show is quite bad. I like Kathy Griffin but that show is so terrible. I just don’t know what it is about it. I think it might be the off the wall randomness of the whole thing, which works for Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happen’s Live show but doesn’t work here at all. I need Kathy to bring back her other show My Life On The D List and just stick to that, her comedy specials, and her New Year’s Eve CNN hosting gig with Anderson Cooper.

In not so happy news several shows and people were given the boot from their respective shows. AMC’s The Killing has been cancelled after two seasons. The producers are shopping the show around to another network. I can’t say I’m surprised at all about this. I was a huge fan of the show. The acting was good it had a good mystery going but then it just fell off hard. The pacing was just too slow for me. I wasn’t getting enough answers and the way the season had been set up, you thought you were going to get some answers at the end. Instead they finished the season withorw questions and no answers and I was done. So was everyone else. Season 2 premiered with lower ratings that only fell as it went on. I think the producers just need to cut their losses and move on because I don’t believe another network is going to pick up this show.Another show being given the boot is Showtime’s, The Big C. The is going to be back for a very short fourth season and will then be done. The fourth season will have only have 4 one hour episodes and will probably more than likely end with main character, Cathy’s (Laura Linney) death. Ugh not really bummed about this one. The show is pretty ok but not one of the many Showtime shows that I watch religiously. Something else you won’t be seeing on your screen is the hotness that is Eric Dane aka Dr. McSteamy on Grey’s Anatomy. He is one of the many cuts that have been getting made on the show for season 9. Dane joined the show in season 2 in one of the more memorable scenes from the show when he emerged from Addison’s (Kate Walsh) room in nothing but a towel.  Dane will be back for a couple of episode in season 9 to wrap up his story. You would think after getting rid of all the people she did in the season 8 finale, creator Shonda Rhimes would be done. Not so much. She has said that more chops are quite possible during the upcoming season. So Grey’s fans, who do you think is going next? Is your favorite safe?

The Modern Family casts had been in contract negotiations that were disrupted what was supposed to be the first table read for the beginning of season 4 filming. All the adult actors filled a lawsuit claiming breach of contract. This solidarity was seen in the last seasons of Friends when the whole cast joined together so that they all would be paid the same rate. The suit has now been settled where the cast is getting paid $175,000 per episode and if the show makes it to season 8 then they will get up to $350,000 per episode. I hope they also negotiated to get some of the syndication back end deal because Modern Family is going to make a hell of a lot of money in when it gets there and let’s face it some of these people might not be on as big a show as they are now. With a syndication deal, they can keep raking in the dough for years to come.

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