What To Watch Tonight: Friday 9/23

Friday is usually where they dump shows when they are trying to make the die, but Fridays really have some great stuff. More inside.



Nikita is back. YES!!!! Love this show. One of my favorites.  I’m not happy that it got moved to lead off the night on Friday but all you can do is follow the show wherever it goes and hope others do as well.  It’s paired up with Supernatural, which I can see how they would pair these together but we’ll see.  After the way last season ended, Division is down but obviously not out; so there is a new bad for the season, The Oversight. We’ll also see Michael and Nikita being together (Yay).  So glad they didn’t drag that one out. All in all the finale set up what should be the start of an interesting season.


If you missed Wednesday’s premiere episode, ABC is re-running it again tonight.  I haven’t watched it yet, but from all I read and heard it was wonderful.


This show stars Patrick Wilson (Morning Glory, Insidious) as Michael Holt a talented but egotistical surgeon at an upscale NYC clinic. He lives a comfortable and materialistic life due to all his wealthy clients but is nevertheless discontent with his life and acts coldly to those around him. He starts getting visited by the ghost of his ex-wife Anna (Jennifer Ehle; Pride & Prejudice), who was recently killed in a car accident. She asks Michael to help keep running the free clinic she previously directed, which leads Michael to be exposed to poorer patients in need who are far different from his usual clientele. This show sounds like its going to be a mix of Ghost Whisperer and Grey’s Anatomy, which does not sound good at all.  But you never know.  I shall give it the requisite 3 episode watch and see if it is any good.



The series premiere plays again tonight if you missed it yesterday.



Series premiere replays again tonight if you missed it Wednesday.


 Love this show.  Season 4 premieres tonight.  This another show that is great but many people don’t watch so it got moved to Fridays.  Last season was so crazy and oh so good. Why it wasn’t nominated for an Emmy I will never know.  I love this show and I want people to watch but I feel like anyone that jumps in to start watching right now might be so lost.  So simple solution watch all of season 1-3 and then continue watching 4. It is looking like this might be the last season of this show if the numbers don’t get better.  I’m happy it made it this far though.


This is one of those shows that I hear is good, know is good but haven’t had a chance to watch. Season 7 begins tonight and it is possibly the final season.  This show reruns all the time on TNT so for anyone that hasn’t watched the show you can catch it there at all hours of the day.  The promo looks like its going to be a good season.


This show is soo good. One of my favorites on Fridays.  The series is your typical procedural with a case of the week and what not but the difference is that the entire family is in law enforcement (all the men are police officers and the lone daughter is an ADA) and so they throw in family dynamics and how different cases affect the family members.  The show stars Tom Selleck (Magnum P.I), Donnie Walhburg (New Kids On The Block; Saw 2-5), Bridget Moynahan (Sex & The City, I Robot), and Jennifer Esposito (Samantha Who?, Don’t Say A Word).  The cast is great, stories are great.  They do a good job of keeping the balance between the family and crime stuff.

Happy Watching!!! And have a good weekend.

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