What To Watch Tonight: Thursday 09/22

My DVR really hates me on Thursday nights this fall.  There is a ton to watch. I know I’ve said that everyday but there really is.  See what I mean inside.


Community – NBC

This show is seriously one of the most underrated comedies on tv.  I’ll admit I saw the first couple of episodes from the first season and I was not a fan. But I kept reading about how great it was and how much it had improved and that you just had to get through those first episodes.  Thanks goodness I did because this show is hilarious.  It’s just utter ridiculousness sometimes but the cast is great, the writing wonderful and it’s just a good show. Season 3 premieres tonight.

Big Bang Theory – CBS

This show is another show that kind of slipped through the cracks when it premiered and I’m still not caught up to season 5 that is premiering tonight but I’m close. I’ll get a lot closer now that the show just started in syndication and is airing about 4 or 5 episodes a day.  The show is hilarious. It’s really smart and witty and helps the self-esteem of many many nerds.  Get through the first 2 episodes and you won’t be sorry. It’s an hour-long episode for the premiere tonight.

X-Factor – FOX

I haven’t watched yesterday’s premiere episode yet but if the ratings and reviews are any indication, it’s not that great. Which is kind of sad I wanted it to do really well if for no other reason than to maybe get rid of American Idol which I can’t stand.  The auditions continue on tonight’s episode.

Charlie’s Angels – ABC

Reboot of the 1970’s show that starred Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, and Kate Jackson. The premises are pretty much the same for both shows except the ladies from the 70’s used to be undercover cops before they worked for Charlie and the 2011 versions used to be criminals (hence the tagline on the pic, “They’re not saints).  This one stars Minka Kelly(Friday Night Lights, Derek Jeter’s most recent girlfriend) and two unknowns played by Annie Ilonzeh(General Hospital) and Rachael Taylor(Transformers).  I don’t really know if this will be any good.  Minka Kelly is a pretty good actress and I have a soft spot for her from Friday Night Lights so I hope it works out for her. If it sucks blame Drew Barrymore, she brought the show back and executive produces it.

The Vampire Diaries – CW

We know how I feel about this show. Watch it. It’s wonderful.


Parks & Recreation – NBC

This show is hilarious.  Like Community, the first couple of episodes of season 1 you gotta get through but once you do it’s just magic.  It started out looking like it was trying to be The Office and a very unfunny Office at that so I checked out. Caught later episodes and it was hilarious and had become its own show.  Season 4 premieres tonight.


The Office – NBC

The Office is back tonight and its gonna be the first season without Steve Carrell’s Michael Scott.  The new boss will finally be revealed but from James Spader being heavily featured in the promo I’m guessing it’s him.  Last season was very hit and miss and I mean it was on its 7th year so that is understandable. Hopefully during the summer it got a face lift and is back to looking like its 1st and 2nd seasons instead of looking like it’s about to die with the beginning of its 8th season.

The Secret Circle – CW

So this show premiered last week and I am in 100%.  It’s from the creator of Vampire Diaries and is just a great companion to that show on Thursday nights.  It’s very much a CW mold of show. Teen angst, supernatural entities, secrets beyond secrets, good cast, what more could you ask for.  It also has Britt Robertson, whom I loved on Life Unexpected that aired on the CW and got cancelled last year, so here is hoping that more people watch this one.

Grey’s Anatomy – ABC 

I have watched about one episode of this show but I know many that live for this show.  Season 8 is on tonight with a 2 hour premiere episode. This is the final season for Dr McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey, and so there is probably going to be some major stuff that sets up the story for his departure.  I heard last season was great (my sister told me) and so hopefully it will be even better.

Person of Interest – CBS

I already spotlighted this show in my “Fall TV (Sorry DVR, Break Time Over)” post. Now it’s finally here and the wait is over.  It has some heavy competition in its time slot but it should do well.  Really looking forward to seeing how the story places out and how they incorporate Taraji P. Henson’s character into the show since she was not seen in the promo.

The Millionaire Matchmaker – BRAVO

Love this show.  Patti Stanger is a matchmaker in Los Angeles and she sets up wealthy millionaires with potential mates.  This show is great because sometimes you just get these over the top crazy people who are basically just getting on tv to further promote their business or just trying to get laid. But then you find some people who actually come for help finding love and some really sweet stories develop. Season 5 continues tonight.


Whitney – NBC

This show has had HEAVY promo from NBC. It stars Whitney Cummings(Chelsea Lately) and is about a loud mouth woman and her very live-in boyfriend. The two have them have decided that they will not get married but still questions how committed they are in their 3-year relationship and tries to go as far to prove a point. Because of what she sees and hears around her involving other relationships, she decides to use unconventional methods to keep the romance alive with the help of her friends.Expect lots of slap stick and physical comedy. Hopefully this show is good.  Whitney Cummings is pretty funny on Chelsea Lately but I haven’t really seen any of her comedy specials so I don’t know how funny she can be.  Hopefully it will be as good as the other show she created “2 Broke Girls” on CBS.  That one is hilarious.


Prime Suspect – NBC

I love Maria Bello(Coyote Ugly, A History of Violence) and so I’m super excited about this show.  It’s an American version of the British show of the same name that starred another lady I love, Helen Mirren.  The show is about a lone female detective in the NYC police department and all the sexism and good ol’ boy BS that she has to put up with.  They also have your standard cases of the week. If I went by the cast alone this show will be amazing.  Besides Bello, it also stars Aiden Quinn (Practical Magic, Music of The Heart) and Kirk Acevedo (Oz). The only other competition for this show is The Mentalist and Private Practice and so it should easily do well.  Lets hope it good because I am definitely not afraid to cut shows off that disappoint.


Happy Watching!!!

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  1. Woooooow….there’s so much! I’ll wait for your reviews. Have I told you how excited I am that you’re doing your blog!!

    KeniB. 🙂

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