Puss In Boots

Puss In Boots is a prequel to the Shrek series.  We met Puss in the second Shrek movie and he has  become a staple in the franchise.  So much so that he got his own movie.  The movie is about the life and adventures of Puss before we met him in Shrek 2. The adventure is one he goes on with his childhood best friend, Humpty Dumpty and Kitty Softpaws in an attempt to steal the Golden Goose that lays golden eggs from notorious outlaws, Jack and Jill. I saw this yesterday at a pre-screening and it was good. There wasn’t anything particularly wonderful about this movie. It was like all the other Shrek movies, with stuff for kids and just enough sexual innuendo and jokes that go over the kids heads but keep the adults that have to take their kids to the movies entertained. The 3D was useless as it has become lately. Definitely not needed. I would say go see this but go to a morning or matinee show. I would definitely not pay after 5pm or 3D prices for it.


Opens Friday October 28

2 thoughts on “Puss In Boots”

  1. How do you get into special screenings? I’m glad you wrote this, I was on the fence about watching the movie. My blog has a lot of movie reviews, you should check it out and subscribe!

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