Rihanna – We Found Love Video

Rihanna unleashed the video to her first single,”We Found Love”, from her upcoming album, Talk That Talk. The video was shot in Ireland and co-stars her rumored new boyfriend, a London boxer/model, Dudley O’Shaughnessy. Enjoy or not lol.

I like the video. I tend to like her when she goes darker in her videos like in her “Russian Roulette” video from her Rated R era or I as I call it ABD, after beat down. She does try to push a lot of the limits of what the FCC will let be shown on broadcast television with the drug use and sex but overall I like the video. And is it just me or does that whole video look like her relationship with Chris Brown? Hell the new boy even looks like him a little (ok not really its mostly that they have the same awful bleached blonde hair). This girl never stops. She has released an album every year since she first came out. She just barely finished touring for her last album, Loud. She’s getting to Beyonce levels of doing too much now. She might need to go sit down somewhere for like a year, hell even six months.  Talk That Talk will be her sixth album and it will be released November 18.

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