Video: Beyonce – “Party” Remix

I know this the third Beyonce video I have posted in as many weeks and some of you are thinking “every time I come here she’s got another Beyonce video up, is she obsessed or something?” and I would answer yes but don’t blame me for her having put out 3 videos in the last month ok. Anyway Beyonce has released the video to her fourth single,”Party” from her album, 4. This version is a remix that features J. Cole. Andre 3000’s verse has been removed for some reason. Enjoy.

I like the summer vibe to this video. Love all the vibrant colors. This video would have been perfect as her second single which would have hit right around the beginning of summer and just put people in a nice party mood. Its fall about to spill into winter now and this video gets released. I can’t jam to this song with the windows down or be at the beach jamming to this in the winter time (Well actually I can because I live in Texas but you know what I mean). I love how Beyonce tries to show her “hood” side lol. You hang out with Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, you can’t get less hood than that. I like some of the fashion, not all. Some of it is a little much. I love J. Cole but his verse was the shortest thing I’ve ever heard and it didn’t improve on Andre 3000’s from the original version. To me a remix is supposed to improve the original in some way so this just doesn’t come hard enough. With this video we already got some folks talking about Beyonce plagiarizing again. Rapper Khia, the one hit wonder from “My Neck My Back” (NSFW) fame, claims that Beyonce copied her and that she’s glad that Beyonce has learned from her how to make a hood video. Really? Really? Ugh The only similarity between those two videos are that they are both in front of the pool. That’s about it. So Khia please go sit down somewhere.

2 thoughts on “Video: Beyonce – “Party” Remix”

  1. awww, she should have left andre 3000 for that verse, i think his eccentric self would have fit well with this video

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