Beyonce – Dance For You Video

Beyoncé has released yet another video for her new single, “Dance For You.” At least I think it’s a new single. She releases a new single every other week so I don’t know. Whatever new video by Beyoncé. Check it out.

This song is one that comes on the deluxe version of her latest album “4.” I liked this song when I heard it on the album. Its nothing spectacular but it’s definitely a sexy song and Beyoncé delivered it with an even sexier video. This was clearly shot pre-baby bump. It looks like she was inspired by 1940s film noir. The entire video is her doing some nice chair work. She did this better though when she was with Destiny’s Child for their “Cater To You” video. This video and all other video releases can be found on her new concert DVD, “Elements of 4:Live at Roseland” which is in stores November 29th.

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