For Better Or Worse

For Better Or Worse is a new show from Tyler Perry based on two characters, Angela and Marcus, from the movie Why Did I Get Married? The show is about Angela and Marcus, a married couple played by Tasha Smith and Michael Jai White, and all the things that come with their drama filled relationship which include dealing with Marcus’ baby’s mother, Keisha (Kiki Haynes) and her dating Marcus’ friend and business partner, Richard (Kent Faulcon). The cast is rounded out by their friends Leslie and Jason, played by Crystal Stewart (Miss USA 2008) and Jason Olive (The Game). I liked Why Did I Get Married? I thought it was one of the better thought out and acted Perry films. So when I saw that this I optimistically thought that maybe Perry  would get it right with this show. I don’t know why I thought this since all of his other shows are pretty much the worst. This show has calmed down Angela and Marcus’ over dramatic nature from the movie but not by much. Angela is still over the top and loud but not towards Marcus, just everyone else. Leslie is pretty much a kept woman who lives with her boyfriend of 3 yrs, Jason who wants nothing to do with marriage. It’s your basic structure of married, just started dating and living together couples that they have on these relationship sitcoms. I could deal with the poorly written out characters if the dialogue was at least semi funny. It’s not in the least bit funny. This show is kind of like The Game in that they are going for a more adult audience and dealing with all those relationship situations. The difference between those two shows is that even as bad as The Game has become, it’s still better than this mess. Over the top acting and bad writing. Can I please get the 45 mins of my life I spent watching this back? If you like Tyler Perry’s stuff then more than likely you’ll like this.

For Better or Worse airs on TBS Friday nights at 10/9c.


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