Awkward Black Girl Season Finale – “The Decision”

After an almost riot by ABG fans on Facebook and Twitter for the one day delay on the episode, Issa Rae premiered the season finale today. The episode is the longest one yet, clocking at 25 minutes and is definitely worth the wait. Check it out.   Spoilers ahead.

YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! She picked White Jay. She had to. They just work so well together. I kind of felt a little bad for Fred after J dissed him. But I was just so happy she was going to go after White J that I just Kanye shrugged and said tough break. Why is Cece such a fool?  Lol. Getting my JLo on with a Zumba tape lol. So ridiculous. The sequence with guest star  Donald Glover (Community, Childish Gambino) is one of the best parts of this episode. I think I was laughing the entire time. It was just sooo cringe worthy. I watched half the episode hiding my face because it was just so embarrassing. The ending with Boss lady leaving was a hot mess in the best possible way. That guy looked like some homeless man off the street that Issa offered a free lunch to if he would just stand in the corner for a couple of takes. The new boss is crazy. Glad they didn’t go to the entirely predictable choice of making Nina take over.  And can we say upped production values. They really turned it up for the finale. It’s amazing how far they have come with this series because if you go back to the 1st episode where they shot with one handheld handy cam, they look like two different shows. I’m glad it still kept its same heart through out the season, except for that awful Halloween episode 10 part 1. It’s been a good season and now I need to find my next webseries. I think I’m gonna try out the new Alloy series, Dating Rules From My Future Self which stars my girl, Shiri Appleby (Roswell, Life Unexpected). Hopefully its good. Here is the first episode. 

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