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Some TV Stories

Celebrity Apprentice is back for season 13. Donald Trump announced that this edition is an all-stars edition.[Associated Press]

One of my favorite summer shows, Suits, will be back for a 3rd season. [Huffington Post]

Cougar Town back this January on TBS. First promos. I can’t wait [TVLine]

Really? You Don’t Say? Tyra Banks Producing a Show About Herself. Of Course She Is. If you watched any episode of America’s Next Top Model or her talk show, The Tyra Banks Show, then you know it’s always about Tyra, [TVLine]

NBC found out Dane Cook wasn’t funny and cancelled his show before it even premiered [Hollywood Reporter]

The Houston Family Gets Their Own Reality Show. Wonderful, now we get to learn all about Bobbi Kristina being engaged to her god-brother. [TheYBF]

Issa Rae, creator of webseries, Awkward Black Girl, is developing the comedy, I Hate LA Dudes, with Grey’s  Anatomy and Scandal creator, Shonda Rhimes for ABC. [Deadline]

One will need to leave reality television and the other won’t be back on The Good Wife for a while. [Zap2It]

Awkward Black Girl Season Finale – “The Decision”

After an almost riot by ABG fans on Facebook and Twitter for the one day delay on the episode, Issa Rae premiered the season finale today. The episode is the longest one yet, clocking at 25 minutes and is definitely worth the wait. Check it out.   Spoilers ahead.

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New Episode of Awkward Black Girl

Issa Rae and her wonderful team is doubling our pleasure this month with another episode of Awkward Black Girl (ABG). Enjoy the Halloween episode and be sure to check out all the other episodes of ABG on their website http://www.awkwardblackgirl.com/episodes.

Episode 10 

Be sure to check out new ABG episodes every first Thursday of the month.



“Awkward Black Girl”: Webseries You Should Be Watching

Everyone has awkward moments, whether they are with your parents, strangers or coworkers.  Most of us are glad that these moments are not captured on tape but Issa Rae’s Awkward Black Girl series essentially does that. The talented writer, director and star of the series, Issa Rae,  has taken our most awkward moments and made them into this wonderful little series that can only be described as a mix of Parks and Recreation meets Curb Your Enthusiasm with some sprinkles of Daria (if Daria was a grown black woman who worked in an office setting).

I was introduced to the series by a great friend of mine (thanks Schuyler) and have been hooked ever since. Watching the series is like someone followed you around with a camera and filmed different parts of your life. i was surprised when while watching I kept yelling to myself, “OMG that happened to me.” If you can’t relate to all the scenarios that occur, the show is funny.  It has great writing and a good cast and the score is always great.  New episodes premiere every first Thursday of the month (Episode 9 premiered today). Check out Episode One below and for all the other episodes check out their website http://awkwardblackgirl.com/

Episode 1

Check out Issa Rae talking about the success of Awkward Black Girl on CNN.