Think Like A Man

Michael Ealy & Taraji P. Henson

Think Like A Man is the adaptation of  comedian Steve Harvey’s best-selling self-help book, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man about enlightening women about the way the minds of men work. The characters are introduced as some of the various chapters in the book i.e “The Dreamer, The Woman Who Is Her Own Man, The Mama’s Boy, etc. The ensemble cast includes people from funny man Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy (My gosh this man is beautiful), Taraji P. Henson, Meagan Goode, Regina Hall, Jerry Ferrara and Gabrielle Union.When I posted the trailer for this back in December (it’s almost May where has the time gone), I wrote that I had no expectations about this movie. A friend and I even talked about how bad it would suck.

Well I can say after seeing it that it most definitely didn’t suck. In fact it was hilarious and most of that is because of that little man Kevin Hart. He pretty stole the show. There were consistent laughs throughout the whole movie. A slight lull here and there but I would find humor in some of those things like when Meagan Good would make a certain face trying to “act” or in some of the more cheesy lines (see most of Goode’s scenes with Rolmy Malco). She was a definite improvement from how bad she usually is.

I think she would be fine if she didn’t play a slight variation of the same character ALL the time) or in some of the more cheesy lines. The ending of the movie was pretty predictable but even knowing how its going to end doesn’t stop you from thoroughly enjoying it. Be sure to check it out in theaters now.


2 thoughts on “Think Like A Man”

  1. Oh gosh! Kevin Hart is HILARIOUS! Absolutely loved him. And yes Ealy is very EASY on the eyes. And I loved Taraji’s style and hair throughout the movie. I said the same thing about the cheesy and predictable ending, but the humor throughout the movie was excellent. And, it was a GREAT reveal that Hart ended up married to tall woman Wendy Williams. I nearly cried in the theater! But…we didn’t see the white dude’s wife at all…I was hoping the whole time that she was black. 😉

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