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Some TV News

Good news for those that have hated The Office ever since Steve Carrell left or even before that. Season 9, which will premiere Thursday September 20th on NBC, will be the series last one. Thank the Lord!!! After the disaster that was season 8 it needed to end. Why they didn’t go out while they were on top makes no sense to me. I watched all the episodes from last season, but I could barely tell you what happened because the show became background noise for me while I did other things. With the show ending, there is still the possibility of seeing some of the characters from the show. NBC is developing a spin-off with Dwight as the main character. Some of the characters from the new show will be slowly introduced this season on The Office. Hopefully this show doesn’t get picked up. Of all the characters from the show to get a spin-off, I definitely wouldn’t have said Dwight.

The Real Husbands of Hollywood was confirmed by BET for 10 episodes. If you remember the series comes from the 2011 skits that featured Kevin Hart and a bevy of other “husbands” from Bobby Brown, Nick Cannon, Nelly, etc. The series will be continuing from those hilarious sketches and has been said to be a more scripted with improv like the show Curb Your Enthusiasm.  In addition to those that were featured in the sketch (Nelly, Nick Cannon, etc), Robin Thicke and Boris Kodjoe have been added into mix as well as Duane Martin, JB Smoove and Faizon Love.

The first time they did the sketch on the 2011 BET awards, they were hilarious. They tried to do it again at this year’s award show and it failed miserably. Here’s hoping they get it right. I for one shall be watching only for the eye candy factor (Kodjoe? Thicke? yes please) because since this is BET you know it has disaster written all over it.

Live! with Kelly has searched for a cohost for what seems like forever. There have been many people filling in and auditioning for the role as the next Regis from Seth Myers, Josh Groban, Neil Patrick Harris and Nick Lachey. It seems the coveted position might be going to former New York Giants player and current NFL analyst on FOX’s NFL Sunday, Michael Strahan. Strahan has said to be one of the three top picks for the position with Nick Lachey, Josh Groban and Seth Myers being the other front-runners. Myers debunked that rumor saying he was going to be focusing on his head writer duties at Saturday Night Live (Hopefuly making it funnier). Live! With Kelly will officially announce the new cohost on their September 4th show.

I don’t watch this show often but from the episodes that I have seen with Strahan, he’s pretty hilarious and goes really well with her. I just thought there was no way that they would give him the job when I saw that he was one of their top choices. I figured it would go to Nick Lachey, who was just coming off hosting NBC’s The Sing-Off and has transitioned pretty well into being a host. His episodes with Kelly were good ones too so I figured him. Good job to Strahan if he gets the job and hopefully this isn’t all a stunt to get people ready for the announcement and then they not give it to the poor man because his name has been all over the place since it “leaked” that they were going to give him the job.

MTV Video Music Awards Promo

MTV has named funny man Kevin Hart as the host of next month’s Video Music Awards. Kevin Hart’s star has definitely been on the rise this year(Think Like A Man, Laugh At My Pain, Five Year Engagement) and he is no stranger to the awards show, so it only makes sense for MTV to make him this year’s host. They released the first promo of the show yesterday and it features the new “it” couple, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (Keeping Up With The Kardashians). It’s a pretty good promo. Kim is not the best actress and she is acting as herself lol. This makes me think of when Fantasia Barrino (American Idol Season 3 winner) was playing herself in her Lifetime movie bio-pic, Life Is Not A Fairy Tale, and was doing a bad job playing herself.

The Video Music Awards air Thursday, September 6 @ 8/7c on MTV.

BET Awards 2012

The BET Awards aired their annual show last night and they should have just called the show “The Carters and Kimye” because that is all the camera cut to for most of the show. The show ran 3 1/2 hours and that is minus the pre-show. Lets’s start with the pre-show. It ran for 2 hours and was just a hot bed of ignorance and

Machine Gun Kelly performing. He’s …. enthusiastic and sadly he’s was one of the better performances on the pre-show.

Rocsi and Terrence. Ughh Why? She looks like a bedazzled hot mess. They said they are leaving 106 & Park. I need that show to end now. Terrence quitting I understand, Rocsi no. Just because you upgraded to Eddie Murphy as a boyfriend doesn’t mean you need to quit your day job because lets be real you really have no job prospects. It seems like the male former hosts of 106 &Park always end up doing bigger and better things than the show but the women always falter. I mean who has seen Julissa or Free in anything since they left the show.

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Screen Gems “Think Like A Man” Getting A Sequel

Think Like A Man is getting a sequel. Deadline is reporting that the writers, Keith Merryman and David A. Newman, who wrote the hit film, have been hired to start working on the follow-up. The film which wasn’t expected to make a lot of money opened at #1 when it was released in April and has since grossed $91 million. The film starred many people from Gabrielle Union, Jerry Ferrera, Micheal Ealy to Meagan Good, Taraji P. Henson, Kevin Hart and Romany Malco. No stars announced yet for the follow up but Steve Harvey, author of the best-selling book the film is based on, will be returning as an executive producer.

Why are they making a sequel to this? Yes the movie was good and it was successful but that still doesn’t mean there needs to be a sequel. I think they did a good job of ending it where there is no need for a sequel. I hate when movies that studios and Hollywood don’t believe will make money do and so they think they can make the magic happen twice. Guess what rarely does that happen so they just need to stop because I can name on one hand the amount of sequels that were better than the originals.

Think Like A Man

Michael Ealy & Taraji P. Henson

Think Like A Man is the adaptation of  comedian Steve Harvey’s best-selling self-help book, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man about enlightening women about the way the minds of men work. The characters are introduced as some of the various chapters in the book i.e “The Dreamer, The Woman Who Is Her Own Man, The Mama’s Boy, etc. The ensemble cast includes people from funny man Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy (My gosh this man is beautiful), Taraji P. Henson, Meagan Goode, Regina Hall, Jerry Ferrara and Gabrielle Union.When I posted the trailer for this back in December (it’s almost May where has the time gone), I wrote that I had no expectations about this movie. A friend and I even talked about how bad it would suck.

Well I can say after seeing it that it most definitely didn’t suck. In fact it was hilarious and most of that is because of that little man Kevin Hart. He pretty stole the show. There were consistent laughs throughout the whole movie. A slight lull here and there but I would find humor in some of those things like when Meagan Good would make a certain face trying to “act” or in some of the more cheesy lines (see most of Goode’s scenes with Rolmy Malco). She was a definite improvement from how bad she usually is.

I think she would be fine if she didn’t play a slight variation of the same character ALL the time) or in some of the more cheesy lines. The ending of the movie was pretty predictable but even knowing how its going to end doesn’t stop you from thoroughly enjoying it. Be sure to check it out in theaters now.


Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man Trailer

Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, is a film based on Steve Harvey’s best selling book of the same title. The movie has a plethora of stars on it including  Gabrielle Union, Taraji P. Henson, Meagan Good, Michael Ealy, Chris Brown, Kevin Hart, Terrance J., Regina Hall, Romany Malco, and Jerry Ferrara. It shows a group of women and men in various relationships who aren’t having any luck finding luck in love. When a self-help book comes out they use it help them figure out how they can make them better.

The trailer reminds me of a black version of He’s Just Not That Into You, a movie I absolutely hated. It also reminds me Two Can Play That Game with Vivica A. Fox. I don’t know about this movie. Kevin Hart is pretty hilarious but this looks a little terrible. Meagan Good is just such a bad actress. She seriously hasn’t been good since Eve’s Bayou and she was like 11 when she did that. With all that said I’ll be seeing this. What do you guys think?

Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man hits theaters April 6th, 2012.