The Lucky One

The Lucky One is an adaptation of a Nicolas Sparks 2008 book of the same name. It’s about a marine named Logan, played by Zac Efron (High School Musical, New Year’s Eve), who return s home to try to find the woman in a picture that he credits with saving his life.  He finds the woman, Beth, played by Taylor Schilling (Liked her on the cancelled NBC show Mercy) in a small town in Louisiana and from there, romance isn’t far. Blythe  Danner (Meet The Parents, Sylvia) also stars as Beth’s grandmother.

Quick thoughts as I watched this movie.

1. I feel so wrong watching Zac Efron with his shirt off (he’s definitely not bad to look at), making out with this woman because he is 10.

2. There is absolutely no chemistry with Zac and Taylor. I just don’t believe them at all.

3. Schilling looks so much older than Zac. i know she is supposed to play older but they are only 3 years apart in real life.

4. I know I’m already going to get someone who dies in the movie after all it’s Nicolas Sparks,  he can’t help himself but at least make me care about the person who dies. The only thing I thought after it happened was, “Tough break.”

5. How did Blythe Danner birth Gywneth Paltrow? She’s so much cooler than her daughter.

6. The little kid is cute and I don’t usually like kids.

This movie is not great at all. Just save your money but if you just have to see it, it’s in theaters now.

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