May is coming up and many of our favorite shows are about to take their summer hiatus. I was going to do this myself but TVLine has put together a nice calender of when they all end so in the spirit of laziness check it out. I will be doing a post on all the renewals and cancellations as well as one on when all the debut dates for summer shows are.


It may be time to upgrade your DVR, because the broadcast networks have more than 70 season finales are coming your way during the month of May.

The season-ending action actually kicks off April 29 — aka the fourth day of May sweeps — when The Good Wife wraps Season 3. But starting May 10, things are going to get really ugly. And the 14th and 17th? Utter DVR-programming horror. We may even have to call in the VCR from the bullpen.

Season Finale Guide: Get Exclusive Spoilers on 54 Big Finishes

Already, TVLine has hooked you up with scoops and outright spoilers on dozens upon dozens of season finales. Now, we have compiled a list of finale dates for all of the shows on ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW. Our calendar may look tiny below — but click on it twice and you’ll find something…

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